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  • The 2% Rule for Your Workout Routines

    Remember when you were in school and you argued that your lessons were worthless? You know that whole squabble you’d have with your parents – “when will I ever use this crap?!” Maybe you were like me and tried to claim that you’d never find …

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  • Powerbuilding: The Size and Strength Method

    You want to get strong. But you also want to get big. You start training for strength and all is well. A few weeks go by, and you feel small. So you ditch the strength work and start trying to get a pump. Things are …

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  • Want to Get Fit? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

    Think long and hard about your first day in high school. Did you skip orientation because you thought you knew everything? And then your first day came and you were wandering around the halls, lost in confusion. Maybe you bumped into a few kids and …

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  • Don’t Do This When You Exercise

                    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. To see if you fit the criteria of “exercise insanity,” take the following three part test: When you workout, how often do you progress your workouts (i..e …

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  • Can a Vacation Help You Lose Weight?

    What do you think would happen if your days were filled with BBQ pizza, diet soda, and chocolate chip cookie dough? You don’t need a PhD in nutrition to guess that your jeans would be fitting a little snugger. You wouldn’t think that someone could …

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  • UEFP Nutrition Coaching: Post Workout Nutrition

    I still remember the time when I was way out of shape. I’m sure my clients are rubbing their hands together, eager to hear this story. Back in my early 20’s I use to play a lot of hockey. I met a group of engineers …

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  • 10 Ways to Help Your Spouse Eat Healthy

    Slam. Click. That’s what I heard on the receiver of my phone. I clearly had pissed off the person on the other end of the phone. Let me rewind a bit. I’m 20 years old. At the time I was dating a girl who happened …

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  • One Awesome Way to Lose Weight

    There are a zillion ways to lose weight. You know the usual way most people go about it: eat as little food as possible, do a ton of walking, and run away from pizza like your hair is on fire. But guess what? It’s also …

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  • Debunking the ‘Muscle Makes You Slow’ Myth

    Usain Bolt. Barry Sanders. Evander Holyfield. AC Slater. What do they have in common? They were all exceptional athletes. Most have a good amount of muscle too.  I mean, AC was the captain of the football and the wrestling team. Last time I checked, Usain …

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  • 5 Ways I Learned How to Stay Motivated to Workout

    He paces back and forth like an excitable dog. With just a minor gesture, his arms kind of pump up and down to get the adrenaline going. He keeps telling himself this is it, this is it. He finally stops pacing, gets his game face …

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