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  • Should You Always Be Sore After a Workout?

    Sore muscles are not an indicator of how effective a workout was. Yes, soreness does come, but there are a lot of factors involved in what makes a muscle ach the next day or two after a workout. In small circles, muscle soreness is some …

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  • Milk

    Which Milk Does Your Body Good?

    Milk does a body good right? If you’re my age then you remember all those milk ads in the late 90’s: you know, the whole Got Milk? ad that featured a prominent celebrity or athlete, endorsing milk in all its glory. Just picture Jennifer Aniston with …

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  • Just How Much is Too Much?

    Is too much exercise bad for you? Of course. There’s this practice going around as people simply think they can just pile more and more activity on and they’ll lose weight. If five days isn’t working, then six. If not six, then bump up to …

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  • Stress Meter

    Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

    Want to hear about the craziest day ever? Way back when I was an undergrad student, I did some dinky work for a medical records facility. I worked early in the morning so I could attend my afternoon classes. I got done with work by …

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  • Joint Pain Causes and How to Get Relief

    No pain, no gain. Suck it up. Deal with it. If you’re like me, you heard this a hundred times over when you were younger. Maybe the children of the early 80’s were the last generation to have that old school, toughen up upbringing – …

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  • Running Outside 2

    Where Can I Find the Best Running Routine?

    Summer may be long gone by now, but that’s not going to stop the hardcore from getting outside to knock out their runs. It also means plenty of people are hitting up Google to see what the best running routines are prior to lacing up …

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  • Standing Posture

    Why Standing All Day Can be Bad for Your Health

    Transitioning from a hungry undergrad student to a starving intern was quite a shock for me. Besides the life experience overhaul, my body went through some surprising changes. No, I didn’t develop a bunch of muscle mass, but rather some aches and pains. I noticed …

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