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  • Strong Back

    Two Things You Need to Gain Muscle Fast

    Building muscle is a skill. A lot of people think if you just buy a gym membership and show up you’ll get to the point to where you’re actually turning muscle away because you’re running out of t-shirts to wear. If gaining size was just …

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  • Personal Trainer in Michigan: Before and After Pictures

    UEFP has another installment in our Personal Training Before and After series. Before and after pictures always help give a visual to a good success story. We hope that these results can help motivate those who may need just a little bit of a kickstart today. …

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  • What’s Wrecking Your Motivation to Exercise?

    There’s a lot of research about exercise, mood, and feelings of wellbeing. In fact, the American Psychological Association refers to exercise as a form of stress relief and even a tool to help counter depression. Motivated individuals know the feeling of finally reaching a goal …

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  • 3 Tips to Help You Start Exercising

                    Do you need motivation? Nowadays, who doesn’t? Thanks to deadlines, soccer games, obligations it’s pretty easy to assume that our will power tank is running on fumes. We’ve all gone through the usual routine: pack a gym bag, organize all your food, train 30 …

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  • 10 Things That You’ll Change to Get in Shape

    Getting in shape isn’t easy. Dropping a few pounds is definitely a step in the right direction, and anyone making small changes to better their life deserves a congratulations. But when you’re talking about getting in shape, we’re referring to reaching your upper limits in …

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  • Staying Motivated

    Being a coach for nearly a decade has allowed me to come across a lot of people. As a rule of thumb, if I do a seminar in front of 100 people, 10 might stick around and ask questions. Of those 10, one might grab …

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  • The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

    The benefits of a personal trainer are numerous. I should correct myself – the benefits of a qualified personal trainer are numerous. Unfortunately, there are a few things stopping people from hiring a legit personal trainer, or as I prefer, fitness coach.For one, the fitness …

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  • Weight Loss 21

    5 Ways to Tell if Your Workouts are Working

                    Training is all about results. It’s like going to school – you go to class, you do your homework, you study hard and then you graduate. Hopefully you get an super cool job and life is set. Working out is the same – you …

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  • Kozzi Christmas Winter 2845x28461

    5 Tips to Stay Motivated for Training During the Winter

    I’m a child of Michigan. If you live in Northville, Plymouth, or Novi you know that there are plenty of great areas to get a workout outside, and from April all the way to November (depending on whenever the snow gets here), the sidewalks are …

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  • Guy Flirting At Gym

    Trying to Workout with Distractions

    Working out is hard enough. You have serious obligations that compete for your time – work, family, and simply managing a house can consume your time and energy levels; leaving you feeling with nothing more than a deflated and lifeless motivation to train hard. If …

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