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  • Don’t Do This Exercise!

    I’m all for making exercise more difficult.  In fact, that’s what many people fail to realize about getting in shape is that everything tends to get more difficult. You do more work, get less rest between sets, sprint harder, and slam more weight on the …

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  • Bored At Gym

    7 Tips to Deal With a Lack of Motivation

    Unless you’re a robot, keeping your motivation high for exercise can be a challenge. All of us want to look good, but in an instant gratification society, a lack of immediate results tends to cause most of us to check out. You can’t get in …

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  • Survival Guide for Your Local Gym

    A rogues gallery refers to a line-up of bad guys; for instance, Superman has a Rogue’s Gallery that features Lex Luthor and Bizarro. As a kid, I was obsessed with what hero has the most dangerous and heinous rolodex of villains.  The argument was usually …

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  • The Legendary Myth of the Second Wind

    When going for a long run, or just doing some form of exercise, people like to get pumped up when they feel like they hit another gear or got “a second win.”  I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as …

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  • Treadmills

    Running and Weight Loss Don’t Always Go Hand in Hand

    Running and weight loss are no where near the combination of, say, peas and carrots. In fact, they can sometimes mix as well as oil and water. Although everyone’s “go to” exercise for weight loss, running isn’t what you think it is when it comes …

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  • Will Lifting Weights Make You Big and Bulky?

      Does lifting weights make you big and bulky? Short answer – no, not at all. This is a relatively popular myth and doesn’t really carry much merit.  It’s also a bit disingenuous to those who have packed on muscle; as the act of getting …

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  • Trainer

    The Difference Between Exercise and Training

    All of the workouts that my clients experience are aspects of a training program. People often used the words to describe training interchangeably, such as “I’m going to workout today” “Going to get some exercise in” “I have (insert some weird and corky corporate gym …

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  • Woman Meditating

    Are You Getting Older or Aging Gracefully?

    My arms are literally on fire. I’m trying to move them but I fear that I’ve overworked them so much that they’re as useful as overcooked noodles in a pasta buffet. Meanwhile, I have sweat stinging my eyes and I can feel the tap coming. …

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  • Get It Done

    The Best Fitness Motivational Quotes

    I’ve always been a big fan of quotes. They could be pretty powerful and can invoke thought and motivation. I used to write for a website and any article that I wrote started with a quote pertaining to the content. I’m sure the authors weren’t …

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  • Creepy Salesman

    What the Fitness Industry Isn’t Telling You

    If you’re a fan of fiction, then you’ll probably love Lee Child’s work on the Jack Reacher series. Reacher is an ex-Army MP who wanders the country because he doesn’t like the confines of being stuck in one place. He has no possessions like a house …

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