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  • Bench Press

    Three Ways to Spice Up Your Strength Training

    Regardless of your goals on the training floor, strength training plays a huge role. Want to get bigger? You need to lift heavy weights. Looking at getting leaner? Then you better be able to lift heavy enough to actually stimulate your metabolism. Whether you’re an …

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  • Gain Muscle Mass

    Two Simple Ways to Gain Muscle Mass

    When it comes to building muscle mass, I get two types of clients: – Client A wants to gain a bit of muscle but doesn’t want to “get too big.” Looking like a linebacker is definitely not on their bucket list. – Client B would …

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  • Flipping A Tire

    UEFP’s Top Metabolic Finishers

    Here at UEFP, clients have a love/hate relationship with metabolic finishers. Before I go on, maybe I should clarify what these routines are for those not in the know: a metabolic finisher is something tacked on to the end of a workout to improve conditioning …

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  • 6 Reasons You Should Train the Olympic Lifts

                    If you currently own a barbell then I have to give you a big pat on the back and a thumbs up – because you’ll never get bored with your workouts. A lot of people approach me with the idea that they would love …

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  • How to Build Upper Body Strength

    Are you in need of upper body strength? I always get asked from my female clients – along with some of my male clients who may have spent too much time with a Playstation controller in their hand and not enough time working out – about …

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  • 4 Ways to Jazz Up Strength Training Routines

    Way back in the day I had a crush on this one girl. A buddy of mine told me to tell her “she was a beautiful and unique snowflake.” Give me a bit of a break- I was in fourth grade. Needless to say, I …

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  • Book Review: Starting Strength

    Anyone looking for serious strength training insight needs to check out Mark Rippetoes Starting Strength.  Rippetoe is a highly educated fellow; he has the unique ability to showcase his intellect through his writings and displaying a healthy balance between scientific jargon and practical experience.. In …

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  • Burn Fat and Gain Strength With Ladders

    When I was in Grad school, I tended to struggle with the concept that I had to back up everything I said with scientific research. It’s not such an issue when discussing the basic premise of strength training, but when you want to talk about …

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  • Gender Based Workouts?

    There is no such thing as a female or male exercise. Stereotypes don’t belong in the gym, and everyone should be entitled to experience everything on the training floor. Coming from a background in strength and conditioning, where female athletes regularly have to train, I …

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  • Track And Field

    Strength Training for the Track and Field Athlete

    Years ago I attended a conference in San Diego, California. Amongst the great speakers were several trainers that I met. To my surprise, many of these trainers made a great living as a strength and conditioning coach for a local high school. In fact, one of …

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