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  • Nutrition Coaching: Fat Loss 101

    We have a saying here at UEFP – we want to lose fat, not weight. Some clients wonder what the heck I mean by that, so I’ll clarify: by losing bodyfat, we’re preserving our muscle mass (a marker for longevity) while building a strong body …

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  • 6 Practical Fat Loss Tips

                    I always tell clients to lose bodyfat and not weight. Sure, we want to see the scale go down, but I’ve ran across plenty of clients who have dropped pant sizes and bought new swimsuits without the sale budging all that much. In scientific …

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  • Positive Self Thought

    The 6 Principles of Effective Weight Loss

    If you’re a regular here at the UEFP website then you know two things about the material we present: it’s either loaded with scientific references or it’s based on practical experience. This isn’t going to be one of those articles packed with different references that …

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  • The Best of the Best!

    Anyone familiar with me knows that I’m not a big fan of “best of” lists. I’m a big proponent of everything works, just not forever. If you were to compile a list of “weight loss exercises,” the list would be endless. Results depend on the …

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  • Gender Based Workouts?

    There is no such thing as a female or male exercise. Stereotypes don’t belong in the gym, and everyone should be entitled to experience everything on the training floor. Coming from a background in strength and conditioning, where female athletes regularly have to train, I …

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  • 15 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Today!

    Anytime we here at UEFP provide weight loss tips we like to go into great detail. We cite sources, explain scientific principles, and base our advice of practical experience with our clients. It’s pretty much common sense; the more informed you are then the better …

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  • Is Fast Weight Loss Practical?

    Patience and weight loss mix as well as oil and water. We know that most people looking to get in shape want fast weight loss. Heck, thanks to everything being instant nowadays, most people expect to lose weight as fast as it takes to download …

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  • Is Your Bodyweight Going Up and Down like Crazy?

    If you track your progress off the scale, then you’ll experience plenty of ups and downs with your weight. These can lead to a nice fist pump (you lose weight) or a massive meltdown (you gained weight), because your body weight is very dependent on …

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  • Knee Pain While Running

    Knee Pain From Running? No problem!

                            As popular as running is, you don’t need to be a world class marathon runner to get in shape. Many people forget the fact that running is a sport and is only chosen as the “best weight loss method” because of its convenience. Just …

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  • Dieting and Exercising But Not Losing Weight

    “I can’t believe it: I’ve been dieting and exercising but not losing weight!! What gives?!” This is a popular statement that many people make first thing in the morning after stepping off the scale. I’m usually at the receiving end of this tantrum, and almost …

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