10 Signs You Might Need to Back Off of Exercise

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                Everyone needs some weight loss help. Part of my job is helping sift through all the “information” available online about dropping some pounds. With nearly a decade under my belt working with clients, along with having to read my fair share of research articles, there isn’t too much out there that I haven’t heard. And before you ask, chances are whatever new and innovative magic weight loss concoction you just heard about that is exactly that – magic.

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But this doesn’t stop people from trying anything and everything to try and lose weight and clean up their diet. Whenever a client comes to me and says “help me lose weight” they usually expecting me to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at them. That approach never works, but I’ve done enough consults to hear crazy stories of insane techniques to try and lose some weight. These stories always end up bad, so UEFP thought we could offer the fitness world a guide to tell you if your training program, diet, or attitude towards fitness is leading you down the wrong path.

  1. You can’t stop moving…..ever. You try to exercise while watching a documentary on television as well as the grocery line, pumping gas, and inbetween bites at your local bistro.
  2. That detox diet you found online has everyone worried about you. In fact, instead of people telling you that you look great, they often stop with a look of concern on their face and ask you if you’re sick.
  3. You count everything. Things are so extreme, your kitchen resembles Tony Montanta’s office with calculators and scales all over the place. (Of course you’re counting calories, not….err, nevermind).
  4. You count everything in the palm of your hand. Which is bad, because all of your meals consist of cheese sticks, almonds, peas, and the occasional raisin.
  5. You turn everything into an exercise. The monkey bars at your kid’s favorite playground is fine, but before you know it, you’re doing pull ups on the shelves at Home Depot. You also load up your grocery cart as heavy as possible to make the cart into a sled.
  6. You’re friend count on Facebook is getting lower and lower each day. This apparently has nothing to do with all the photos of your food that you keep posting.
  7. You eat clean…too clean. Your diet is so strict – and so boring – that you end up doing a raid on all things sugar and fat every Saturday. In fact, neighbors are taking stock options on Ben and Jerry’s because you your recycling bin is overloaded with empty cartons.
  8. You’re the party pooper. You’re such a fun governor that you’ve been un-invited to all nieces and nephews birthday parties. The other parents don’t like it when you swap the kid’s pizza for quinoa burgers.
  9. You spend most of your money at the gas station. That’s because your diet is so low in calories that you constantly making runs to load up on caffeinated energy drinks.
  10. You can’t see out of your rear view mirror. Your car can never go in reverse because the rear window is blocked out from all your marathon stickers. You love to run and everyone knows it!


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