15 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Today!

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Anytime we here at UEFP provide weight loss tips we like to go into great detail. We cite sources, explain scientific principles, and base our advice of practical experience with our clients. It’s pretty much common sense; the more informed you are then the better decisions you can make. Clients don’t come to us ready to stand on their head – they need plenty of information so they can decide where they stand on the line of trust.

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But we don’t have all the time in the world, do we? In the day and age of smart phones and deadlines, I understand that people want some sound information presented in a concise way. So, let’s cut to the chase and get to 20 simple weight loss tips you can start implementing today.

(If a topic sparks your interest feel free to use the search option at the top of the site. Each item has a more in depth explanation with peer reviewed research to back it up)

  1. Start going to bed on time – Having a regular bedtime gives your body a chance to recover from your daily stressors. Research tells us that those who get regular sleep lose more weight and snack less throughout the day.
  2. Sit as least as possible – Desk jobs can be bummers, but it’s hard to escape them. They can affect your posture, weaken muscles, and make your life pretty mundane and boring. Set an alarm and take a brief walk every 15 minutes (even if it’s just a walk to the water cooler).
  3. Bang for your buck exercises – Skip exercise machines and simple movements. Choose exercises like squats, deadlifts, and presses to use as much muscle mass as possible.
  4. Have breakfast – 50% of Americans skip out on breakfast, thus leading to a sluggish metabolism and blood sugar issues.
  5. Have breakfast, part II- Start the day with a breakfast high in protein and healthy fat. That danish or bowl of cereal is causing more problems than you think.
  6. Hydrate – Carry a container (glass please) around with you and always hydrate. I’ve never came across a client that drinks enough water even though they swear by it. Aim for 2 liters a day.
  7. Be happy – Stress hormones can destroy all the hard work in the world. Admit when you’re stressed and have stress management solutions in place
  8. Have fun – The worst thing in the world is working out hard and then sitting around. Play sports for leisure, walk the dog, check out a park – keep moving.
  9. Go green – I’ve also never came across a client that eats enough vegetables. Vegetables should be included with each meal, and the best place to start is by tossing some green on the plate (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, etc).
  10. Turn off your TV- According the Nielsen ratings, the average American watches four hours of TV per day. There’s nothing wrong with checking out a show or two but becoming a zombie in front of the TV means more snacking and less movement.
  11. Practice the Sunday Ritual – Take 60 minutes on a Sunday afternoon and make your protein for the week. Beef, pork, chicken, etc – get it done and make a 3-4 day supply in your freezer. Your body and wallet will thank you.
  12. Fish oil – Start supplementing with fish oil. It’s one of the few supplements that are worth anything. More and more research is showing how important fish oil is to brain function, heart health, and weight loss.
  13. Learn new lifts – Stop doing the same movements over and over again. Find a qualified coach in the area and learn something new once a month – deadlift, snatch, clean pull. The more movements you have in your arsenal, the move your body can change.
  14. Emergency jar – Have a small jar packed with different sources of nuts and a little bit of dried fruit. A handful of this in tight times is much better than pulling over at a fast food joint when hunger pains hit.
  15. Make your room as dark as possible – To get great sleep, you need a room set up for it. Eliminate as much light as possible and turn your cell phone off.



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