2 Tricks to Help With Knee Pain

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Knee pain is not fun. But if you give your knee some TLC you’ll find that you don’t need to sit on the sidelines as often as you use to.

                In order to understand knee pain, you’ll need some brief – but important- background information. So it’s time to be a bit of an anatomy geek here.  Your knee isn’t like a standard bone you would find in your arm: it’s a complex mess of cartilage, ligaments, and your leg and shin bones. There’s a lot going on in that knee joint, so if your physician can’t give you a clear answer for your achy joints, cut the poor doc some slack. Finding the source of pain can be quite a process.

The Knee

                A simple anatomy lesson will probably give you some more appreciation for your doctor’s education (and their school loans). Your knee is composed of the meniscus, your femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), and 4 ligaments. That’s a lot of stuff going on in one area. It makes it tough to diagnose a problem when someone complains of a bum knee.

It’s the ligaments job to not let the knee travel too far in any direction. If you follow any sport, you’ve probably heard of an ACL injury. What happened is that the foot went in one direction while the knee went in another. Ouch.

The meniscus is kind of like a shock absorber.

                The two tricks I’m going to share won’t help with trauma to the ligaments. If that’s the case someone needs medical supervision. Repairing ligaments is little above my pay grade.

                But knee pain doesn’t have to just come from getting tackled by a linebacker. The bones in your thigh and shin are supposed to work together to create smooth movement. Problems occur when the femur (big bone in your thigh) doesn’t sit on top of your shin bone when you do things like rise out of your chair. This can happen from faulty movement patterns as well as a flexibility issue.

                So we can help get rid of a knee pain by……

1. Ensuring adequate movement

                2. Gaining flexibility

                This video will show you two tricks to help fix those issues. Get to them and let’s hope it helps clear up those aches and pains. 

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