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  • Top Fitness Trainers in Oakland County Michigan

    The UEFP Holiday Workout Challenge

    The holiday season is quite possibly the most ecstatic time of the year. At no other point in our calendar year do you get to experience the enjoyment of meeting new people, cooking some good food, gathering with friends, and arguing with family over who …

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  • The Hard Body Workout Plan

    Notice: Before beginning any of the exercises provided on this website, consult with your physician to ensure that you are in proper health. This workout nor any information provided with it are not meant to provide medical advice. No liability is assumed for any information …

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  • Punching Bag1

    What You Need to Know About MMA Training

    Back in November of 1993 the original UFC aired on pay per view to answer the question of which combat style was most effective. Of course we all know what happened – some smallish guy wearing a baggy GI destroyed the competition and altered what everyone …

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  • Coconut Chicken Breast Recipe

    Chicken seems to be everyone’s “go to” as a protein source when it comes time to get in shape. While one could argue that there are better foods from which to get your protein, I know that people will still make chicken a mainstay on the …

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  • The One Thing Missing From Your Workout Plan

    The best workout plan is the one that works. That statement is kind of right to the point, isn’t it? I know I’m making things pretty cut and dry, but it’s true: a training plan is all about self –improvement and if you put 6 …

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  • Gain Muscle Mass

    Two Simple Ways to Gain Muscle Mass

    When it comes to building muscle mass, I get two types of clients: – Client A wants to gain a bit of muscle but doesn’t want to “get too big.” Looking like a linebacker is definitely not on their bucket list. – Client B would …

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