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  • Leg Ext

    Bored of The Same Old Reps? Try This!

    Is there a perfect food? Can you think of one song, and only one, that you could label as your favorite? Chances are you probably can’t, and that’s perfectly okay. Good luck asking me what my favorite Beatles song is, and I’ll struggle to pick …

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  • Asparagus

    Will Fiber Help You Lose Weight?

    When a client first comes to UEFP our immediate goal is to look over their nutrition practices and address any urgent issues. This usually means trying to eliminate simple sugars, increasing essential fat intake, and trying to up their fiber intake. Some clients are anticipating …

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  • ID 10074331

    Awesome Mexican Pizza!

    Just because you’re trying to get in shape doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of good food. Case in point: the Mexican pizza. Going through a drive thru certainly won’t help, and most Mexican pizza recipes will skip out on the protein and overload …

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  • ID 100161407

    BBQ Pork Tenderloin Recipe

    As a UEFP client, you know that your protein is important. You squat, deadlift, sprint, and do a bunch of other crazy things to your body that causes plenty of damage to those muscles of yours. You can begin to repair your body with protein; so that’s …

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  • Pills

    Top 5 Supplements You Should Be Taking

    Let’s just face it – supplements aren’t going anywhere. It’s big business nowadays with gas stations and discount stores carrying a wide array of pills and powders. Even celebrity fitness gurus have sugar-laden protein bars that are fighting for space on the grocery shelves. Oftentimes supplementation …

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  • Sad Dieting

    Why a Low Carb Diet Doesn’t Always Cut It

    If you rewind the clock about 15 years ago, following a low carb diet was all the rage. A bunch of diets came out promoting that carbs were a bigger villain than a James Bond baddie, and these diets all had fancy names. You remember …

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