Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2016’

  • Coffee Beans

    Does Caffeine Supplementation Work?

    Some people love their coffee. What the mean to say is, I love my caffeine. You know the drill: you get to work and tell everyone that the day doesn’t start until you get your cup of coffee (and no one should dare talk to …

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  • Aluminum Can

    Nutrition Coaching: Alcohol and Weight Gain

    Does alcohol cause weight gain? The long term belief that doing multiple sets of beer bottle curls will lead to an expanded waist line hasn’t stopped most from drinking, but what does the research say? Surprisingly, scientific data shows mixed results. You’ll see that alcohol …

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  • Celery

    Nutrition Coaching: Fruits and Veggies

      If there’s one thing that’s overlooked in the nutrition world, it definitely has to be the power of fruits and veggies. While many people get wrapped up in the workouts, or how much protein to consume, your weight loss goals can receive a major …

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  • Superhero Shirt

    The Dad Bod Myth

     Notice: Before beginning any of the exercises provided on this website, consult with your physician to ensure that you are in proper health. This workout nor any information provided with it are not meant to provide medical advice. No liability is assumed for any information …

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  • Graph Crashing

    4 Things Responsible for a Slow Metabolism

    Way back in the day, people had real world problems. You read about them in history books: chicken pox, rickets, the black plague….being chased by a bear on a hunting trip. Nowadays these issues have almost vanished as modern medicine and nutritional practices stepped their …

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