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  • Personal Fitness Trainers Wolverine Lake Michigan

    Want to Gain 10 Pounds? Here’s How a Client Did It!

    This past summer I had a client approach me with a simple goal: he wanted to gain 10 pounds. Sounds pretty simple so far, right? Well, not so fast. This young stud played AAA hockey and not only wanted to add some muscle mass, but …

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  • Journal

    5 Signs You Need a New Fitness Plan

    We’ve all heard the expression before: stick with the plan. It’s all part of the plan. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Maybe the last one is a tad extreme, but you get the idea. Walking into the gym without …

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  • Candy

    7 Ways to Help You Stop Eating Junk Food

    As a personal trainer, one of the things I have to constantly battle is the lure of junk food. Let’s just be honest: all of us like junk food, and us trainers are no exception. There’s a time and a place to enjoy a good …

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  • Private Personal Training Studio Near Me

    Sports Nutrition Takes Your Workout Up a Notch!

    Pop quiz hotshot was a huge saying in the mid 90’s. If you haven’t seen the movie Speed yet (hence the reference) I’d highly recommend you go check it out….after you read this blogpost. But you don’t need to be Keanu Reeves in order to …

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  • Counting Calories

    UEFP Nutrition Coaching: Metabolism

    Achieving a high metabolism is big business: thousands of books have been written on the topic along with countless workout DVD’s and specialty gyms all designed to jack up that metabolic rate. Even your very own personal trainer subjected himself to years of schooling to …

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  • Starting Out

    3 Interval Workouts for Newbies

    Things can be quite daunting if you’re new to the fitness game. For one, you have a bunch of jargon to learn: sets, reps, bench presses – you get the idea. While the lingo is something to pick up, you also have to figure out …

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