Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2017’

  • Jump Rope

    4 Short Workouts for Those Tough Days

    As a personal trainer, I always have to remind my clients to “prepare for the storm.” These words of caution express the need for consistency. When life is kind of boring and work is just punch by numbers, we want out fitness to be nearly …

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  • Thinking Of Muscle

    6 False Fitness Myths

    George Orwell once said “myths which are believed in tend to become true.” While Orwell was a great writer, an exercise scientist he was not. Over the years though, certain myths have seemingly transformed into fitness facts. Regardless of what human physiology says, if we tend …

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  • Plyometric

    The Best Way to Get Lean

    Most of us are chasing “the look” when we workout. You know – sleek, powerful, and athletic. How we go about it though causes a lot of confusion. Most people just jump on a treadmill and being slogging away with the hopes that their fit and “toned” …

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