3 At Home Workouts for When You’re Quarantined

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The Coronavirus has ran wild, and definitely had an impact on the world. While the fitness landscape has been affected as well, there’s no reason why you can’t still manage to get a workout done in the confines of your own home.

If you’re reading this in the early spring of 2020 then you’re just like me – stuck inside the house due to a worldwide quarantine. It’s like we’ve all been very bad and sent to our room to think about what we’ve done. In all seriousness, COVID-19 has many of us anxious and scared – along with being straight up bored as we watch the paint dry on the walls.

While I can’t solve the crisis, I can help cure some of that boredom. Being stuck in the house 24/7 presents no better time than ever to get your workout on. Now, will these workouts get you to the point to where you’ll land the cover of Fitness magazine? Probably not. But that’s not the idea. We want to take a second to pause and be grateful that we’re not infected: and then take that healthy body and get some quality movement in. Remember: exercise is not a punishment, it’s a celebration of our abilities.

These workouts can help burn some calories, but more important than that, they’ll help take your mind off things and maybe give you a chance to change your outlook. Breaking a sweat has always been good for that. Let’s get to them.

1. Deck of Cards Workout

All you’ll need for this routine is your bodyweight and a deck of cards. The process is quite simple – pick 1- 4 exercises and then draw a card. Whatever card you get is the number of reps you do for that exercise –as I explain in this video.

2. Loaded Carries

Have one or two buckets handy? Awesome! You can do loaded carries. A loaded carry is simply lugging around something heavy for a set distance. They will get the heart rate up along with making your muscles work. Check out the video for more details.

3. Complexes

A complex is just a series of moves done in a row. Normally, I have clients do them with a barbell, dumbbells, or even a kettlebell. So if you have those handy, get at it. If not, I’ll talk about how you can do this with a single dumbbell/ketllebell…..or some paint cans.

Look – I know some of these workouts are not ideal. But neither is the situation we’re currently in. Hopefully these workouts can help pass the time and keep you strong will we get back to normal. Stay safe!

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