5 Things That Need to Happen as You Get Fit

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Getting fit is all about change. You clean your diet up, alter your schedule for time at the gym, and you skip out on scanning your Facebook feed to scour the internet for different workout programs. It’s no secret that getting in shape requires change, an open mind, and little bit of grit and determination. Regardless of what you’ve accomplished though, things don’t end with those first 10 pounds lost.

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There’s a saying amongst strength coaches – if you’re not progressing, then you’re regressing. Cheesy sayings aside, the quest to get fit is definitely a journey, not a destination (thanks Aerosmith….or whoever came up with that saying).  You should pat yourself on the back for accomplishing your goals but you should also be hungry for more. There’s no shame in reaching for the stars, skipping over the moon, and actually landing on another planet.

While you’ve thrown out the Twinkies and started buying organic chicken, here are five things to consider as you get fit.

  1. It doesn’t get easy. As you get in better shape, things get more challenging. Or at least they should. You ought to be able to handle more intense intervals, heavier weight, and shorter rest periods (if you’re on a program that doesn’t require a long rest time). Consistently, and sensibly, keep pushing the envelope of what you’re capable of.
  2. Diet should always get better. Your diet – or meal plan as we call it here at UEFP- should constantly be getting tweaked here and there. This goes far beyond just “eating healthy.” It wasn’t until two years ago that I stared peri-workout nutrition, or considering what I consume during a workout. It took a while, but I noticed a difference in strength levels and my physique. Change can be a good thing, and if you spend time learning, you can implement new things into your lifestyle. Besides, there is no one perfect diet that you can stay on forever.
  3. Get strong. Then get stronger. You should constantly be trying to get stronger throughout the year. While there’s plenty of content on this website in regards to research and strength training. I’ll get straight to the point – things are easier when you’re stronger. You can handle heavier weights for high reps, along with doing strongman training that can really rock your metabolism. In fact, getting stronger can even allow you to run better.
  4. Build muscle. I run into a lot of people who lose 10-20 pounds and want to know how to lose more. The fact is, you may not need to lose 50-70 pounds. Guys are especially guilty of this – as they think if they get down to 150 or 160 (from 200+) they’ll look good. Chances are that you just need to put some muscle on to balance out your physique and ditch the idea of dropping 50+ pounds.
  5. Alter your lifestyle. Now this is the tip that I need to wrap up in caution tape: in no way am I saying that you should never leave the house and enjoy yourself. But getting in shape takes a certain level of commitment – and the more you want to develop your physique, the additional things you may have to sacrifice. The biggest issue is your nightlife. If you plan on going out several nights a week and staying out till the sun comes back up, you can throw your desires for the ideal physique out the window. I’ve seen clients throw months of hard work out the window for a two week binge session of partying and hanging out. You just have to find the ideal balance between having a healthy social life that allows you to still work towards your goals.

Like I said – getting fit is all about continual change. Small changes lead to big things over time, so the more small tweaks you make once in a while, the closer you are towards your goals.


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