5 Tips to Find the Motivation to Workout

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One of the keys to success is consistency. The more frequently you do something, the more likely you are to make it part of your regular routine. In order to stick to a fitness routine, research tells health professionals that it will take 6 months of consistent exercise (minimum of 3 days a week) to make exercise a regular part of that client’s lifestyle.

What may help you stick to an exercise program is to find the small things that simply make life easier. Crazy schedules or other commitments can often make getting to your workout a hassle. Try implementing some of these in your daily life:

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1. Workout in the A.M.

Yes, you love your sleep. But remember, workouts only need to be 30 to 45 minutes in length, so waking up 25 minutes earlier than normal may clear your evenings from here on out. Work will be much more enjoyable since you broke a good sweat in the morning and don’t have that thing you have to do after work looming over your head. Okay, so maybe work won’t be much more enjoyable, but you know what I mean.

2. Keep a Diary

Keep a workout diary. Keep track of your movements, reps and sets, rest – everything you do minus the thoughts on your new secret crush. Having a detailed workout log will allow you to see how long you’ve been doing something, so you’ll know when to make some changes and prevent boredom. You can also track your progress and get pumped up when you see how much more work you’re getting done since you started to keep a journal. Lastly, it’s a good way to keep you accountable. Keep your workout diary somewhere where you’ll always see it as a reminder to get that workout in. When you’re feeling like blowing off your workout, your diary will be near so you can hear it say “hey, you…..you need to write your workout down for today. Time to get moving and get it done!”

3. Good Tunes

Whether you’re tablet or cell phone obsessed, finally give that gizmo some good use by supplying it with music that keeps you moving. Find stuff that gets you pumped up and literally forces you to move. Avoid the stuff they let you listen to at work…that stuff will probably put you to sleep. Avoid watching television, as that’s a distraction. But music with a good beat will become background noise to a good workout. Personally, I like Spotify over other streaming services because you can customize each playlist you make and pick out individual songs.

4. Get a Good Training Partner

If you’re the social type, get a training partner. Make sure you pick someone to train with, not gossip with. If anything, grab someone who is serious and in better shape than you. Putting your ego aside and working with someone who is in good shape (but not in love with him or herself) can help you step your game up.

The only person I have ever been able to work out with was also my best man at my wedding. He was stronger than me and serious – so we pushed each other and both of us got better. That’s the point of a training partner. We spent time working hard and oftentimes a word wasn’t said until the workout was over.

5. Invest in a Home Gym

Public gyms can be quite the bummer. Investing in a home gym can save you a lot of headaches, and rescue you from distractions, sleazy personal trainers, and manic depressive gym owners.

By home gym, I do mean building a serious training environment – a pair of dumbbells and rubber tubing won’t cut it. For the cost of a treadmill, you can build a home gym complete with plates, benches, and a rack. I highly recommend Rogue Fitness, as they make equipment built to last and made in the U.S.A.


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