7 Practical Tips to Build Muscle Fast

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So you want to build muscle fast? That’s good to hear but here’s the thing – there’s no classified formula that will allow you to pack on 30 pounds of mass in 30 days. Yes, I know that fitness magazines and infomercials promise to turn you into Captain America overnight but they may be stretching the truth, just a little bit, in order to sell you a product. Trust me on this – I have the scientific journals stacked up all over the studio to back this up. And if peer reviewed research isn’t your thing, then I have plenty of horror stories from my early 20’s of trying every little secret to try and get jacked in no time.

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But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make noticeable changes in 8 to 12 weeks by making simple adjustments so you can build some muscle quickly. Too many times I run into guys who really want to add some weight but are just doing too many small things that add up to big problems.

Here’s a small list of some simple and practical things you can do that will start changing the way you train along with filling in the sleeves on your t-shirts. Before you jump right in and try to do everything all at once, allow me to point you in the right direction: take one thing from this list and implement it. If you try to do everything, you’ll end up overwhelming yourself. You’ll also have absolutely no idea what works, since you can’t pinpoint that one thing that you changed which in forced the scale to tip in your favor. So once again, please only pick one thing to fix. You can always add more down the road.

Without any further ado-and in no particular order- here are some tips to help you build muscle fast:

  1. Stop isolating bodyparts – A bodybuilder may need to enhance their rear deltoid, but you don’t. Unless you have a glaring muscular imbalance, stick with the basics – chin ups, presses, rows, and squats are just fine.
  2. Don’t do what you want to do – Yes – you want to train biceps and abs. You also want to bounce the barbell of your chest like a rocket launching into space. Scrap the flat bench press on Monday and try some dips. Work on the muscles that you can’t see – as well as the stuff you sit on – and the pretty muscles will take care of themselves.
  3. Sleep…but not too long- Sleep is a huge component of building muscle, as your repair hormones go to work and try and rebuild your muscles. With that being said, too much sleep means that you don’t have enough time to eat. Not enough meals means that scale’s not going to budge- regardless of how hard you train.
  4. There is no such thing as the dirty bulk- The dirty bulk doesn’t exist. Relying on fast food is a sure fire way to have your insulin and testosterone levels taking a turn for the worst. Sure, you’ll gain weight, but not the kind you want to show off in a swimsuit.
  5. Learn how to sneak meals in – To grow you need to eat. After you’ve ate, you need to eat some more. Learning how to sneak some meals in is a great way to add calories without having to sit in front of a bottomless bowl of mashed sweet potatoes. Carry around a jar of nuts and dried fruit. Slam peanut butter and jelly sandwiches inbetween meals (please use sprouted bread…..and real peanut butter….and a fruit spread low in sugar).
  6. Protein shake before bed- You’re trying to gain muscle so that means you’re being a good little solder: going to bed around 10 pm and waking up after 6 am. But if you ate dinner around 7, that means you may go up to 12 hours without eating! Not good for those wanting to pack on muscle. Ingest a slow digesting protein (like casein) before going to bed. It will take it’s time to digest during the night and your muscles will reward you.
  7. Squatting – If getting big is you goal, then you should be squatting. Doing sets of 10,15 or even 30 reps is a great way to enhance growth hormone (GH) release. Growth hormone is responsible for helping you build muscle and burn fat. In fact, the best way to add an inch to your arms is to squat!


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