9 Benefits of Working with a Private Personal Trainer

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Upper Echelon Fitness and Performance is based off of 10 years of working with clients. One thing that I learned in that decade was that most people love working out in solitude and privacy. In fact, when I was working towards my Master’s, my wife and I did all of our training in our garage and we found out that we loved it. The convenience of working out at home was awesome, but the fact that there was no one else around to try and cause interference in your workout was the real pleasure.

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So we decided to take things further: let’s set up a business of being a private personal trainer. So the UEFP studio is completely exclusive and private: that means one trainer and one client at a time. Our studio is still an infant at the time of this writing, but people are already loving the benefits, such as:

  1. It’s all About You – As a private personal trainer, I can focus solely on my clients. I’ve worked for companies before in which people were shown to the revolving door and the training was treated as an assembly line. But a private trainer only has a handful of quality clients to take care of and that means the client receives quality care.
  2. Plenty of Elbow room- It’s hard to get some “me-time” nowadays. I live in a house with my wife and dog, and I rarely get a room to myself for so time. The empty space of a private studio can slow down the day and give you a chance to breath.
  3. Tailor made – Once again, the privacy allows plenty of quality control. I take great pride it taking several hours to develop a 4 week program for my clients. I base the program off of their movement and fitness assessments, and if things happen in the client’s private life that affect training, I can take the time out to revise the program. Trainers that spend 10-14 hours a day training clients can do very little except go through the motions.
  4. What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is…..yours- One thing that people can’t stand at the gym is having to fight over equipment. You know the drill: you stockpile your water bottle, towel, and workout journal in one spot to “save it” while you run to the bathroom real quick. When you come back to finish your workout, you notice an invader has come in and took over your workout space.
  5. No Mess to Clean Up- No other people around means no mess to clean up. Let’s face it: most people can’t keep their own house clean let alone the dumbbells at the local gym. However, the private studio means there’s no one around to dump their weights in your personal space…and there’s also no pile of sweat left over from some aloof gym member (sorry, kind of gross- but it happens).
  6. Free Parking- Way back in the day, when I was just starting undergrad school, I worked out in a gym that was part of a mall. So from November 1 to January 10, I was completely miserable from all the holiday shoppers crowding the parking lots. Weekends were a mess too. So were evenings several days out of the week. This is a gym in Michigan were talking about too, so five months out of the year the weather causes enough of a workout just walking to the gym. Now, a private studio? You can park right next to me and more importantly, right by the door.
  7. The Learning Curve- The private studio means no distractions. Nothing interfering with your workout means you can maintain focus and do what you need to do to get better at training. We pride ourselves of being a studio void of treadmills, ellipticals, and televisions – which means you get to focus on learning side by side with your trainer.
  8. Music to Your Ears- Since you’re flying solo, that means no fighting over the radio (or nowadays, the smart phone). Want to workout to classic rock? Slow jams? Smooth jazz? It’s all up to you. In our studio we have Bluetooth speakers and we encourage clients to sync their phones up and listen to their favorite tunes.
  9. Coaching – The small amount of clients leaves time for important things- like coaching clients. You’re not going to get in shape training 2-3 days a week and nothing else. A good fitness trainer knows that focusing on what clients do outside the gym is where the magic happens. This takes time, and if clients knew all this stuff to begin with, they wouldn’t had hired a trainer to begin with.

Being a private fitness trainer means you only see a handful of people a week. This might not be the lifestyle for people who like big social circles, but for UEFP, it’s just right.


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