9 Tips to Optimize Your Health and Fitness

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  Sometimes it helps to just cut through all the BS out there and get down to the basics. Here are 9 health and fitness tips you need to get in the best shape of your life.             

We’ve heard it since we were little: you need to crawl before you walk. I know it’s a little clichéd but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. It certainly speaks volumes when it comes to the gym life. Thanks to social media, and the internet in general, we have tons of advanced training and nutrition information right at our fingertips. There’s a lot of people ready to jump into the deep end of the fitness pool – and that might not be such a good thing. Maybe it’s time to slow down and make sure we’re not trying to walk too early in our development..

                While part of my job is to teach clients proper movement, an often overlooked aspect is coaching people on what they do outside of the gym. Burn all the calories you want – if life is all sorts of chaos outside of the gym you’re going to struggle to get in shape. As my colleagues and I use to say, don’t forget about the “other 23 hours of the day.” The workout is just one aspect of it. You can’t forget to do your homework.

                What exactly do I mean by this? Whatever your fitness goal may be, you can’t forget about the basics (I promise you that will be the last cliché I use). The basics are your starting point and will basically separate a really fit person from, well, an unfit person. As I instruct my clients, getting in good shape is really just mastering some habits. Sure, these basics don’t sound very sexy, but they get the job done.

                Those interval workouts aren’t going to do you any good if you can’t recover from them. So proper sleep is a must. How do I know you’re not recovering? Because those intervals you’ve been plugging away at aren’t getting you any results.  Most don’t make sleep a priority.

                You’re also not going to be able to “tone” – or whatever word you want to use to describe athletic- if you don’t eat adequate protein. Literally squat your buns off – muscle needs protein to rebuild itself.

                We have two basics: getting good sleep and eat enough to promote protein synthesis. These two things are part of a bigger picture of what you need to be doing – consistently- to reach your upper echelon. So that’s why I figured it was time to make a video and lay claim to the 9 things you should be doing to optimize your fitness and health.

No – these things alone will not get you ready to grace the cover of magazine. You’ll have to put in a bit more work should that be your goal.  But they’ll get you pretty darn close. It’s the 80/20 principle – master these things and you’ll get 80% of where you want to be. Are you seeing results from your trips to the gym? Are you doing these nine things? If not, then get started. After all – do you want to crawl of do you want to walk?

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