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Upper Echelon Fitness and Performance –

UEFP was developed to stand out from the rest. Based on providing scientific information, state of the art personal training, and professional service, Upper Echelon can take your fitness training to the next level. Here’s a breakdown of how we do that, from the co-owner himself, Marc Pogorzelski:

– Who are You? –

We’re a private personal training studio run by my wife (Liz) and myself. I handle the training and Liz takes care of all the fancy computer jargon that’s way above my head.

– Who Do You Work With? –

My personal training clients are either weight management clients (weight loss/muscle gain) or athletes looking to take their game to the next level. However, every client has minor issues that require corrective exercise. I’ve also worked with clients who have joint replacement and cardiovascular issues, so training can be customized to work with any health issues you have. If not, I can always refer out.

Let’s explain some of the benefits of working out at UEFP….

– We Have a Scope for Your Training Needs –

Fitness trainers like to throw around all these terms – core strength, metabolic conditioning – but what does it all mean to you? I’ll help narrow your focus to your specific needs and goals. Once those are set, I’m working with you side by side to smash those goals.

– Outcome Based Decision Making –

Vague terms like “get fit” and “lose weight” leave you with little to no results. My scientific yet practical approach creates accountability and an environment geared towards specific self improvement.

– Education Wins –

An informed client is one who values what they spend their hard earned money on. I’m not concerned with crippling your lower body with insane and ridiculous workouts. Rather, I want to teach you the basics of exercise science and nutrition.

– Personal Training with a Human Touch –

No whistle and drill instructor mentality here. Nor do I need to go to extremes with your diet. The key is building a healthy professional relationship and having some fun in the process. Hence the superhero t-shirts and 80’s rock music. 🙂

– You’re Stronger than You Think –

Results in 8 weeks are great. But what about results for life? Training is all about getting better. Stick around and learn that you have no limits to how you can train in the future.

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