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6 Reasons To Use Tempo in Your Training

Pop quiz hotshot!   When you go to the gym, do you have a general plan? If the answer is yes, then we’re off to a good start. Do you know what exact exercises you’re going to do? Even better. How much time does it take you to perform each exercise? Wait, you don’t know […]

6 False Fitness Myths

George Orwell once said “myths which are believed in tend to become true.” While Orwell was a great writer, an exercise scientist he was not. Over the years though, certain myths have seemingly transformed into fitness facts. Regardless of what human physiology says, if we tend to hear things enough we actually believe that they’re right. […]

Want to Gain 10 Pounds? Here’s How a Client Did It!

This past summer I had a client approach me with a simple goal: he wanted to gain 10 pounds. Sounds pretty simple so far, right? Well, not so fast. This young stud played AAA hockey and not only wanted to add some muscle mass, but also needed to make sure he was still quick and […]

UEFP Nutrition Coaching: Metabolism

Achieving a high metabolism is big business: thousands of books have been written on the topic along with countless workout DVD’s and specialty gyms all designed to jack up that metabolic rate. Even your very own personal trainer subjected himself to years of schooling to try and grasp an understanding of what makes up your […]

Build Your Own Sports Performance Training Plan

If you’re two tenths of a second slow on the playing field, then the play passed you by. I’m paraphrasing here, but this was a quote from coach strength Dave Sandler. In a nutshell, Dave was saying that if you can’t produce force adequately (i.e. you’re TOO slow) then you’re going to get passed up. […]

Nutrition Coaching: Fruits and Veggies

If there’s one thing that’s overlooked in the nutrition world, it definitely has to be the power of fruits and veggies. While many people get wrapped up in the workouts, or how much protein to consume, your weight loss goals can receive a major upgrade from vegetable intake. Keep in mind that adequate vegetable intake […]

4 Things Responsible for a Slow Metabolism

Way back in the day, people had real world problems. You read about them in history books: chicken pox, rickets, the black plague….being chased by a bear on a hunting trip. Nowadays these issues have almost vanished as modern medicine and nutritional practices stepped their game up improved our quality of life. In today’s era […]

Nutrition Coaching: Sugar 101

Would you believe me if I told you that sugar can be more harmful to your health than fat? Perhaps not, depending on what nutrition camp you come from. The popular “low fat” doctrine of the 80’s and 90’s is still running wild today. However, some scientists are scratching their heads as to why their […]

Top 5 Supplements You Should Be Taking

Let’s just face it – supplements aren’t going anywhere. It’s big business nowadays with gas stations and discount stores carrying a wide array of pills and powders. Even celebrity fitness gurus have sugar-laden protein bars that are fighting for space on the grocery shelves. Oftentimes supplementation is glazed over as completely bad or the next big […]

Three Ways to Spice Up Your Strength Training

Regardless of your goals on the training floor, strength training plays a huge role. Want to get bigger? You need to lift heavy weights. Looking at getting leaner? Then you better be able to lift heavy enough to actually stimulate your metabolism. Whether you’re an athlete, a newbie to the gym, or a senior citizen, […]

What You Need to Know About MMA Training

Back in November of 1993 the original UFC aired on pay per view to answer the question of which combat style was most effective. Of course we all know what happened – some smallish guy wearing a baggy GI destroyed the competition and altered what everyone thought about what was really effective. What we discovered was […]

Breaking Down Weight Loss Pills

A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear the following question: “Hey trainer guy! What are the best weight loss pills?” My answer is usually the same: the best weight loss pill encompasses a strength training program paired with a whole food diet and plenty of rest. Oh, and don’t forget water. The response […]


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