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  • Super Chick 2

    The Case for Getting Stronger

    Strength coach Mark Rippetoe has a famous saying: “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and are more useful in general.” Coach Mark was never known to beat around the bush. As a personal trainer myself, my goal with each client is to …

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  • Lunge

    Squat Routine to Make Your Wheels Grow

    Any serious trainee knows the value of training their legs. In fact, some thrive on it – after all, your lower body makes up a major chunk of your body. It’s hard to enhance athletic performance, gain size, or get stronger if you neglect your …

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  • Bench Press

    Strength and Size Workout, Part 2

    Strength and size workouts offer the best of both worlds. They give a sense of comfort to those who want some muscle mass but don’t want to be all show and no go. Basically, you want to put on mass that comes with benefits. After …

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  • P74ey02XLHqZhsnoBU91

    Sprint Your Way to a Healthy Heart

    You know you need a healthy heart. It’s just the way most people go about it isn’t very exciting. You know the drill – cut out saturated fat and spend hours plodding away on the treadmill. Big yawn, am I right? While I’d love to …

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  • Grocery Shopping

    4 Ways ‘Eating Healthy’ Could be Halting Your Progress

    As a father of a two year old, I do my best not to swear in front of my daughter. You know the big words – the “S” word when you stub your toe and the “D” word when you can’t find your darn phone. …

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  • Compare 4

    The Best Path for Weight Loss

    The shortest distance from Point A to Point B is a straight line, right? So when it comes to your weight loss workout, you want the “straight line” in the sense of what’s most effective. I mean, why workout only to have subpar results? Or …

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  • Stressed Out 2

    4 Reasons We Suck at Change

    Do you want to know the secret to getting in shape? By secret, I mean the ultimate, blacklisted, and super classified reason that could be stopping you from seeing that Summer six pack. You ready for it? Here it is: People suck at change.                 …

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  • Squat

    3 Ways to Unstick Your Strength Training

    A sticking point. A plateau. Stuck in a rut. We want to keep our strength training and these sayings as far away from each other as possible. Nothing is worse than going to the gym and not seeing results. When it comes to getting stronger, …

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  • Treadmills

    All Exercise is Not Created Equal

    Some people are stubborn. Like the “walls of my house are crumbling and the roof left a long time ago, but you still couldn’t pry me off my couch. It’s my house after all -I paid for it!” We all know someone who is just …

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  • IfV6z5DsEGnnmc5WBsj7

    What Could Be Stopping You From Getting Fit

    There’s a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to get fit. Some would argue – and they wouldn’t be wrong – that genetics play a part. Sure they do. If your parents look like they belong on a model runway, you’re probably going to …

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