Awesome Slow Cooker Rice Recipe

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Nothing screams “health and wellness” more than a big hearty bowl of rice – and this awesome slow cooker rice recipe whips up some of the best rice you’ll ever have. Consider it an added bonus that it requires very little effort.

If you want to build a lean physique – or simply want to perform at a high level – than you shouldn’t avoid whole grains. By whole grain, I’m referring to something that you have to actually cook: instant oatmeal doesn’t make the cut. The whole grain is exactly that – a kernel that isn’t processed and provides energy, fiber and vitamins/minerals. Living in a carb phobic world has resulted in a lot of people ditching whole grains.

No carbohydrate is created equal, as your body will have different reactions to the various forms of carbs out there. A piece of fruit, a Pop Tart, and a yam will all behave differently in your body.

 You know how everyone blames carbs for their weight gain? Well, those carbs they’re referring to are called refined grains and make up things like crackers, pretzels, bread – the things that you can easily indulge on. Americans have no problem getting those calorie in. In fact, we have an average intake of over a cup of refined grains each day.

 Conversely, only 7% of Americans get half a cup of whole grains per day. That’s not a lot of people (nor is it really a lot of grains either). There’s numerous benefits of whole grains. I mentioned before how they provide fiber and vitamins/minerals; it also doesn’t take much to make you feel full. There’s also a positive correlation between your whole grain intake and heart health (translation: whole grains are good).

I rarely see whole grains on food logs for probably a simple reason: they fall into the “I don’t have time excuse.” Cooking grains requires a little more effort than a box of mac and cheese; but an easy fix is a slow cooker.  If you don’t have a slow cooker, drop what you’re doing right this minute and get one. Nothing is easier than throwing some ingredients in a pot and hitting a button.

So in summary: whole grains are good and a slow cooker makes them a cinch to make. Let’s get to that recipe.

Here’s how to take bland rice to the next level:

2 cups rice (360 grams)

3 1/3 cups water

1 tablespoon butter

3 tablespoons Better than Bouillon

Dump ingredients in the cooker and set on high for three hours. Enjoy!

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