Benefits of Organic Food

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If you want to get in shape then you need to eat the highest quality value food. This can be difficult for a lot of people because now your health and training are prioritized: do you buy organic produce or do you spend your paycheck on that 3D, Blu-Ray collection of Blossom? You may want to spend your nights looking at Joey Russo, but consider the benefits of organic food.

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Organic food is any food that is certified organic: this means that the soil hasn’t been contaminated with the use of pesiticides, herbicides, or fertilizers (1). Organic foods are simply better for you than conventional food; as well, farmers that raise organic crops are doing our planet a favor. Many people struggle with the notion that they keep choosing healthy alternatives but see no change in their health. Kind of frustrating, isn’t it? One of the reasons is that food simply isn’t as good as it use to be. Thanks to decades of abuse, our soil isn’t as healthy as it use to be: poor farming practices have robbed our soil of vitamins and minerals and as a result, the produce you buy from the store is a shell of its former self. You think you’re eating healthy when you’re actually getting shortchanged at the vitamin bank.

Many people like to try and debunk organic food; but consider that a meta-analysis of 1,230 studies show that organic food had either higher nutrient levels or lower quantities of toxic residue (1). So no matter what, you’re winning in one category when you go organic. With that being said, many studies claim to prove that organic food does not contribute to the promotion of health. That may be true, but consider all the factors that come in play when determining health. That’s like asking what’s more beneficial to heart health: quitting smoking or exercise? Judging someone’s health on one factor isn’t very fair: especially considering that we never point the finger at conventional food when someone is in poor health.

Organic foods don’t claim to promote health more than other foods. However, since properly grown organic foods have higher levels of nutrients, you can incorporate them into you arsenal of movement, clean water, and sleep to promote a healthy and fit life.

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