Best Places to Workout in Northville MI

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Living in Northville has some benefits. You’re near plenty of cool downtown areas to hang out at (Plymouth and Ann Arbor for instance) and you get plenty of unnecessary “ooos” and “ahs” from people when you tell them where you live. You also have a nice selection of areas to get a great workout in.

And I’m not just talking about going for a nice walk. As a proud owner of a greyhound/bordie collie mix, I’ve logged plenty of miles walking my dog and can tell you that the area has plenty of nice trails. But anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big proponent of conditioning protocols more so than the popular term “cardio.”  There’s plenty of articles on the UEFP site about the difference between the two, but just understand that if you want to get in shape, then conditioning routines are the way to go.

One thing that I love about living in the Northville is the great landscape available to get some great workouts in, such as the following:

Northville Community Park: Located off of 5 mile between Beck and Sheldon, the Northville Community Park has a ton of open area.  The park has a ton of soccer fields -and by ton, I mean the park could literally host a World Cup tournament. This can make it a bit problematic to get a workout in, since some of the fields require a permit for use (and I’m not advocating ‘breaking the rules’ by any means). However, the empty lacrosse fields provide plenty of open space to perform sprints. Sprinting is a great conditioning tool for fat loss, and the empty fields allow you to sprint safely without fear of running into other people, which may happen if you try to sprint on a trail or the sidewalk.

Hines Park: 6 mile and Northville road houses Hines Park – a nice open area that features a touch of nature with a small river. What separates Hines Park is that you can drive right up the park and bring some training tools with you – who wouldn’t mind performing some medicine ball slams and using battle ropes on a sunny day while only a few feet away from a river? There’s also a jungle gym nearby in case you can’t find a sitter for your kids while you workout.

Ridgewood: Ridge road and 6 mile is home to Ridgewood Elementary School. The school has a nice open field along with a massive jungle gym set up. More importantly, the field itself is not level with 6 mile and actually “sits” lower than the road. Couple that with a small hill and you pretty much have a private open space to workout with. The awesome jungle gym set up gives you access to bars if you want to knock out some chin ups and dips.

I’ve spoken a lot about 6 mile, which provides a nice stretch all the way to Haggerty for those who long to go for long runs. Instead, I would find a trail (like the Community trail that runs parallel to 6 mile) that keeps you away from traffic. For whatever reason, some people in Northville think that they don’t need to stop their car before turning on to 6 mile. Rid yourself of the distractions and unsafe conditions and stick to the trails.

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