Best Triceps Exercises

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Building a nice set of guns isn’t as easy as you think. There’s a vast array of arm exercises out there, but how you’d do them is important. Here’s how to do the best triceps exercises.

Of course you just can’t throw stuff against the wall and hope it sticks. If you want nice arms, then an intelligent approach is needed. Many times I see people doing a ton of work in the gym with their arms – curls, curls, and more curls- with little results to show for it. As I remind my personal training clients: the point of training is to see results, not to kill ourselves just for the sake it.

So how does all of this relate to training the arms? In our first video about arm training, we discussed different ways to torture your biceps. In this video, we’ll talk about the muscle you don’t normally see, which are your triceps (you can’t see them because they’re in the back of your arm). And this is where we use brains over brawn for our training.

To get those nice arms you need to have an impressive set of triceps on you. The triceps are muscles in the back of the arm, and the muscle group has three heads to it. The biceps has only two. We know that three is more than two so that makes the triceps vital to building those guns. While most people neglect training the triceps, it’s this muscle group that makes up 70% of your upper arm. Do all the curls you want but those shirt sleeves aren’t changing until you train the triceps.

Another way to tackle your training is to make sure you hit all the heads of the triceps. You can do this by varying the position of your elbows – which we’ll talk about this video. Enjoy!

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