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Level Up Your Workouts with the Push Pull Split

The push pull split may be just what you need to get your workout organized and, most importantly, get results from your efforts. It’s been said before: if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This is never more evident than in the gym; as people devoid of a plan kind of just […]

Client Tip – The Meal Plan

For those wanting to take charge of their health, look no further than the meal plan. Ever hear the saying if you fail to plan then you plan to fail? Whoever coined it must have been talking about designing a meal plan. I get it: the thought of planning out what you’re going to eat […]

Try The Easy Diet for Great Results

Eating to get in shape can be really complicated……or simple. I contend that life is crazy enough so let’s keep things trouble free. For those looking to shed a few pounds and feel better, I give you the ‘easy diet.’ Most personal training clients are looking to clean up their life. They’re not concerned with […]

Client Tip – Gaining Muscle and Changing Your Body

If you want to make a serious change to your body – like looking for that “wow factor” when someone sees you after a hiatus- then we need to talk about gaining muscle. I know, I know – the whole let’s build muscle talk makes some people cringe. But you can build muscle without turning […]

A Different Take on Heart Health and Cholesterol

How fiber can help win the war on cholesterol and improve heart health. Cholesterol seems to be a battle that we keep losing; despite the near trillions of statins that have been prescribed, along with the usual recommendations of “move more, eat less,” high cholesterol is still quite a gut punch to our overall health. […]

The Problem with Your Calcium Supplement

Want strong bones? Then your efforts need to go beyond just taking a daily calcium supplement. For decades it’s been drilled in our heads that we need calcium to get strong bones. Remember those mid 2000’s “Got Milk” ads? I do. I also remember my Grandma pounding calcium tablets, calcium chews, and even little chunks […]

4 Fitness Trends That Need to Go

Fitness trends come and go but we can do without these. Whenever a personal training client asks me “what do you think of……” I start to cringe. It’s not that I don’t like questions- quite the opposite actually- it’s just that I have to brace for what is about to come. It happens too often: […]

Bodybuilding Methods: One and One Half Reps

If you’re looking at trying to add as much muscle mass to your frame as possible, then the one and a half rep method is something to try. Buyer beware though: while it works wonders at building muscle, you’ll be cursing the training gods while you torture yourself with it. Bodybuilders are a wacky group. […]

How To Eat for Muscle Mass

Yes, you need to workout to gain muscle mass. But eating enough is probably the biggest issue you’ll face. For guys trying to add mass, there’s usually three hurdles: 1. Spending too much time on useless crap 2. Ignoring the important stuff (squats, chins, dips) because of all the useless crap 3. Not eating enough […]

6 Habits to Ditch in 2021

If you’re looking at getting in shape in 2021, it’s time to ditch the resolution mentality. Here’s a better way to make sure you reach your weight loss goal in the New Year. I’m not a big fan of resolutions. It looks like I’m not alone in that regard either. According to the Journal of […]

The Simple Rower Workout

Simply put, the rower is awesome. If you’re looking for a workout that burns calories while making you feel like a rockstar, look no further. Years ago, sprinting use to be my go-to mode of exercise for conditioning. Or if I needed to drop a few pounds. I had several distances marked off of my […]

9 Tips to Optimize Your Health and Fitness

  Sometimes it helps to just cut through all the BS out there and get down to the basics. Here are 9 health and fitness tips you need to get in the best shape of your life.              We’ve heard it since we were little: you need to crawl before you walk. I know it’s a little […]