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Muscle Building Tip: GOMAD

If you’re serious about packing on muscle mass, you’ll have to spend some time in the kitchen. Actually, a lot of time in the kitchen, namely shoving food in your mouth. But it’s not always easy to chowdown when you already feel like you’ve stretched your stomach to the max. Yes – you have to […]

My Fitness Training – Then and Now

A good personal trainer should look the part. Sure – it’s unfair to ask every coach to look like a Greek God, but looking like you’ve been in a gym before shows client that you walk the walk. So they’ll listen when you talk the talk. Or so we think. Sometimes being in good shape […]

The UEFP Workout Blueprint

To me, a good personal trainer is someone who can not only help get people in shape but educate them as well. Getting in shape is easy – it’s staying in shape that’s the tough part. As they say, teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for life. Well, I’m about to teach you […]

Is a Lack of Sleep Making You Gain Weight?

  If you’re serious about getting in shape, you better have a bedtime. A lack of sleep could be the most overlooked factor in terms of keeping the weight off. As a personal trainer, I’m often asked about the secret to losing weight (and keeping it off). My answer is always the same: “Eat 1-2 […]

Three Cool Ways to Build Muscle….and Torture Yourself

Building muscle should be an exhilarating process. If you’re not just a little intimidated by your training routine, it may be time to implement some of these unique ways to add some mass…..and to just plain scare you in preparation for your next workout. Just to be clear, there are a ton of ways to […]

Research Review: Fat Burning

The term fat burning get’s thrown around a lot – but it’s actually a concept that’s grounded in sports medicine. Tap into your body’s ability to burn fat, you can get in great shape. Not all calories are created equal. You have three main sources of energy: fat, carbohydrate, and protein. So when you’re burning […]

How Liz Lost Her Baby Weight

Losing baby weight is actually a simple process – if you’re patient and know what you’re doing. It won’t happen overnight – but if you’re willing to work hard – you can not only lose that baby weight but actually keep it off as your kiddos grow. This is my awesome wife Liz. At the […]

5 Simple Life Hacks to Prevent Weight Gain

Weight gain is serious business. It’s estimated that the obesity rate has risen three percent since 2008 – and it wasn’t exactly a small number back then. But weight gain doesn’t have to happen. The things that you need to do in order to prevent it also don’t have to overtake your life. There’s this […]

Is Energy Balance as Simple as “Calories In, Calories Out?”

  Most of you have heard the mantra: “weight loss is as simple as calorie’s in versus calories out.” If you asked me to explain this, I’d say it works. Then I’d follow up that up with “well, sorta.” Let me explain. Calories in versus calories out tries to sum up the concept of energy […]

Training the Arms, Part Two

Building a nice set of guns isn’t as easy as you think. There is a vast array of arm exercises out there, and how you organize them can have drastic effects on your arm training. Of course you just can’t throw stuff against the wall and hope it sticks. If you want nice arms, then […]

3 Macronutrient Breakdowns That Will Change Your Body

                In the strength training world, we often say “know your macros.” The reason behind this is that if you have a pretty good idea of what you’re putting in your mouth then you’ll be able to build muscle or burn fat far better than just winging it. By macros I’m referring to our three […]

Training the Arms, Part One

If you want nice looking arms, then you need to get a little more creative than just doing some curls. There’s actually a vast array of different arm exercises that you can do, and you’ll need them if you want to build an impressive looking physique. One thing that I love about being a personal […]


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