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5 Steps to Organize Your Workout Plan

Nothing breaks the ice like telling people you’re a personal trainer. Because then you get to hear questions – A LOT of them. These questions, while they mean well, are usually centered around “hey trainer guy, what do you think of……?” On the surface, it appears that their inquiring about a workout plan, supplement, or […]

Fast Paced Workouts to Help You Get Lean

Contrary to popular belief, you can get fit without having to live in a gym. As a personal trainer, I hear every reason in the world why someone can’t get in shape. And you guessed it- time just happens to be the number one answer. More often than not it’s an issue of priorities over […]

Are You Really Getting Toned?

Toned abs! Toned arms! Toned legs! I get it- people want to get toned. The problem is that most people are going about it the wrong way. If you want those ripped arms you’re going to have to ditch the high rep sets and start lifting some heavy things. Here’s why. There’s actually a scientific […]

The Truth About Your Ab Workout

Even though Summer is just about over, there’s never an unacceptable time to talk about abs. Trying to attain those six pack abs will never go out of style regardless of if its’ beach season or if there’s a foot of snow outside. You know you want a six pack but the question to ask […]

Workout Tips for New Parents

  You just brought a new baby in the world – congratulations you rockstar! Enjoy the sleepless nights and make sure you have a stockpile of diapers nearby. Is it possible that you can workout when you have a new baby? Of course, you’re worried that this little one may cause a cramp in your […]

Let’s Be Honest About Building Muscle

I hear them all the time: I want to get jacked. Time to get big bro. What’s the best way to pack on the muscle?  There’s a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. Choosing ‘personal trainer’ as a career option means I have to hear these things several times a week and, […]

Use Rest Pause Training for Muscle Growth

“If the bar isn’t bending, then you’re pretending” “You gotta lift heavy weights for high reps to grow” There’s a ton of mottos and sayings that sound macho when it comes to building muscle. Look – gaining muscle requires hard work. But the idea of just piling more and more weight on the bar exposes […]

5 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About Fitness

The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing – Socrates                 I can tell you that this quote speaks volumes to me. As a personal trainer, I’m always trying to get clients to not repeat the same fitness mistakes I made years ago. Getting them to take action on that is a whole […]

The Case for Getting Stronger

Strength coach Mark Rippetoe has a famous saying: “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and are more useful in general.” Coach Mark was never known to beat around the bush. As a personal trainer myself, my goal with each client is to get them to reach their full potential in human performance. […]

Squat Routine to Make Your Wheels Grow

Any serious trainee knows the value of training in the squat rack. In fact, some thrive on it – after all, your lower body makes up a major chunk of your body. It’s hard to enhance athletic performance, gain size, or get stronger if you neglect your wheels. You can tell when someone is serious […]

Strength and Size Workout, Part 2

Strength and size workouts offer the best of both worlds. They give a sense of comfort to those who want some muscle mass but don’t want to be all show and no go. Basically, you want to put on mass that comes with benefits. After all, all muscle is not created equal. Let me explain. […]

Sprint Your Way to a Healthy Heart

You know you need a healthy heart. It’s just the way most people go about it isn’t very exciting. You know the drill – cut out saturated fat and spend hours plodding away on the treadmill. Big yawn, am I right? While I’d love to attack that saturated fat issue, for now, I’ll help cure […]


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