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Training the Arms, Part One

If you want nice looking arms, then you need to get a little more creative than just doing some curls. There’s actually a vast array of different arm exercises that you can do, and you’ll need them if you want to build an impressive looking physique. One thing that I love about being a personal […]

Use Cluster Sets to Gain Muscle Mass

There are a ton of mass gaining workouts out there, but one overlooked method is the use of a cluster set. A cluster set will add some intensity to the workout, meaning that you’ll get a nice blend of strength to go along with that size. What’s a cluster set you ask? It’s simply breaking up […]

Do This For Your Box Jumps

If you want to be explosive and athletic, look no further than the box jump. I see videos all the time of people trying to set PR’s in the Big 3 lifts, but rarely do I see someone showing off an impressive jump. Which is a shame, because box jumps are a great way to […]

Proper Lunge Form

The lunge is a great accessory exercise to compliment your squat. The issue though is that most people don’t lunge properly. Let’s fix that. As a personal trainer, I can tell you that this movement is the one that clients tend to get wrong – whether intentional or not. Sure, things like a snatch or […]

Suck at Chin Ups? This Will Help!

The chin-up is on the list of “must do” exercises along with squats, deadlifts, and presses. Ages ago, it used to be the go to movement but has taken a back seat to machines and a lack of proper training knowledge. There are the rare few though who want to try chin-ups but just can’t do […]

Loosen Up Your Hips with This Mobility Drill

  Tight hips is a big no-no in the performance world. Expect your athletic abilities to be very limited if your hip sockets are cranky. In fact, overall quality of life can be pretty low unless you can loosen up your hips. As a society that does a lot of sitting, our hips are suffering. […]

Fixing Your Front Rack Position

Used for your front squat- or receiving the bar in the clean- the front rack position is vitally important to your success in those movements. The problem is that not everyone has healthy shoulders and as a result, they avoid front squatting all together. If you’re regularly front squatting, good on you. If not, shame […]

5 Steps to Organize Your Workout Plan

Nothing breaks the ice like telling people you’re a personal trainer. Because then you get to hear questions – A LOT of them. These questions, while they mean well, are usually centered around “hey trainer guy, what do you think of……?” On the surface, it appears that their inquiring about a workout plan, supplement, or […]

Fast Paced Workouts to Help You Get Lean

Contrary to popular belief, you can get fit without having to live in a gym. As a personal trainer, I hear every reason in the world why someone can’t get in shape. And you guessed it- time just happens to be the number one answer. More often than not it’s an issue of priorities over […]

Are You Really Getting Toned?

Toned abs! Toned arms! Toned legs! I get it- people want to get toned. The problem is that most people are going about it the wrong way. If you want those ripped arms you’re going to have to ditch the high rep sets and start lifting some heavy things. Here’s why. There’s actually a scientific […]

The Truth About Your Ab Workout

Even though Summer is just about over, there’s never an unacceptable time to talk about abs. Trying to attain those six pack abs will never go out of style regardless of if its’ beach season or if there’s a foot of snow outside. You know you want a six pack but the question to ask […]

Workout Tips for New Parents

  You just brought a new baby in the world – congratulations you rockstar! Enjoy the sleepless nights and make sure you have a stockpile of diapers nearby. Is it possible that you can workout when you have a new baby? Of course, you’re worried that this little one may cause a cramp in your […]


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