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In need of a quick workout? Who isn’t these days. Thanks to deadlines, family responsibilities, and traffic jams (construction here in Michigan is a 365/24-7 gig) it seems like committing to a workout becomes more of an obligation than a reward. So you don’t have the time to live in a gym? Don’t worry – when done properly, quick workouts can help you survive whatever chaos your personal life is suffering from so you can come out the other side leaner and meaner.

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One of the ways you can get a quick workout in is through the use of Escalating Density Training, or EDT. EDT was created by Charles Staely, who was a component of workouts that turn you into a workhorse. His concept was quite simple – each time you train, you should attempt to do more work than last time. You do this by designing a workout through one of three time schemes – 10, 15, or 20 minutes. A lot of Staley’s writings seem to point to the fact that he favored the 15 minute time frame, but you can structure things based around your personal schedule.

So what about the actual manual labor? It’s not complicated – simply pick two moves and try to accomplish as many reps as you can in that time frame. Those looking to lose weight would benefit greatly from an upper body move paired with a lower body move. You should select a weight that you could normally lift for 10-12 reps (or 70% of your 1RM). Attempt no more than 5 reps at a time with each move and you’re off to the races. Rest however long you want but each time you get that workout in, strive do more reps.

If it sounds easy than you’re just fooling yourself – it’s a brutal workout that will make you feel like your lunges are on fire. It’s an awesome session though for those looking to either burn fat or build muscle – although you’ll probably end up doing both in the process. Here’s a couple of examples:


A1. Front Squat x 1-5 reps

A2. Chin Up x 1- 5 reps, 15 minutes total

B1. Clean Pull x 1-5 reps

B2. KB Swing x 10 reps, 15 minutes total

C1. DB Incline Press x 1-5 reps

C2. Seated Row x 1-5 reps, 15 minutes total


Still think you need 60 minutes of gym time to get a great workout? Think again. Give density training a try for a quick workout and I’m sure you’ll love the results you get.



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