Hi there!

It’s that time – let’s take a second to see where you’re at with things.

As the saying goes: “Look at your goals. Look at your behavior. Does your behavior match your goals?”

We workout to force the body to change – whether that result is getting stronger, bigger, leaner, or faster. So we want to see some progress from our efforts.

But progress is different for everyone. It will come at a different rate and in increments – but we don’t want to be unaware of things. Too many get into the tailspin of working out for the sake of working out. It can help to give some thought to make sure you’re putting the right amount of energy into the right things.

You’re also a human being with about a million things going on (and fitness being one of them). My goal isn’t to give you a hard time. Instead, I want to help find a balance by giving you habits that don’t overwhelm you.

Lastly, some people are not ready for change. That’s cool. I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page. Just taking time to do this means you’re more committed than most. Thanks for doing this and see you on the training floor!