Hi there! Congrats – you’ve made it this far. At this point, you’ve nailed your consult, performed your assessment and filled out quite a few forms. Now we’re looking at knocking out this food log so you can continue to be a UEFP rockstar.

Speaking of that food log, let’s talk about some guidelines.

First, we want 3 normal days of eating for you. So if you don’t routinely go to 3 birthday parties on one Saturday, don’t count this upcoming Saturday where you get dragged to 3 parties.

Normal is the keyword there. Please don’t omit stuff you regularly eat, and don’t try to “eat” better just because now you’re logging your food choices. If your food log consists of home grown quinoa and lettuce, then you don’t need a trainer.

There’s four reasons to not church up your log:

  1. I’m looking at more than just calories – the types of protein you eat, what kind of fats make up your diet.
  2. Trends. Are you eating a lot of sugar? Maybe it’s because you don’t get enough fiber.
  3. It’s easier to make adjustments to how you currently eat rather than you trying to adjust to how I think you should eat.
  4. Making it look like you eat a certain way, when you really don’t, isn’t starting things off on the right foot.

Lastly, be very specific. Overload me with details. If you had a sandwich, what was on it? What kind of bread? Was it boxed mac and cheese you ate or did you get takeout? Whatever you know about the food – type, amount – put it down.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to helping you with this and I’ll see you on the training floor!