Client: Black Widow

Goal: Weight Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals


To get in shape we’re going to focus on several things; your best success will come from just being consistent each day. When in doubt about what to do to lose weight, just strive for as much movement as possible.

Try your best to hone in on these three things:

  1. Start each meal with a protein. For you, each meal should have a palm sized portion on your plate. So literally look at your hand in terms of size and thickness and that should be how your protein looks. Your options are endless but you have chicken, lean steak, pork tenderloin, and shrimp to get you started.
  2. Good sleep! Try to develop a nighttime routine – try to keep your apartment as dark as you can by 8:30 pm, and avoid using your phone or watching TV in bed. Make your bedroom as dark as possible.
  3. Try to have a serving size of vegetables each time you eat. You’ll want a portion the sized of your balled up fist. You get bonus points if the vegetables are a different color: so broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and carrots would have you covered if you ate four times that day.

Here’s your daily habit starting October 26, 2020

For this next habit, we want to build a lunch that leaves us feeling full while helping to burn fat. To do this, you’ll want to eat a lunch that consists of a lean protein, a smart fat, and a vegetable.

The protein is the biggest issue. You’ll need to keep you fridge stocked; otherwise, you’ll end up skipping lunch or getting something not so good. Since chicken tastes yucky to you right now, you might want to try loading up on Greek yogurt,  a low fat cottage cheese, smoked salmon, protein powder (casein), ground turkey, or pork tenderloin.

Here’s some examples:

Greek Yogurt + almonds + celery sticks on the side

Protein Powder + peanut butter (pudding) + cauliflower on the side

Smoked Salmon + mixed veggie salad + oil dressing

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