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Goal: Slight Weight Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals


As of right now, making sure you get good sleep can have the most impact on your fitness.

Sleep helps restore our hormonal balance. A lack of sleep – or restless sleep- is perceived as a stress to the body. Too much stress, and things like fat burning and strength take a backseat.

Our body starts releasing our “go to bed” hormones between 8-9 pm. You don’t have to go to bed that early, but having a consistent bedtime, keeping the temperature in your bedroom cool, and minimizing your exposure to bright light can all help promote deep, restful sleep.

Here’s your daily habit starting December 14, 2020:

While it’s cliche to say, breakfast really is the most important meal. Research tells us that people who eat a breakfast made up of a leap protein, smart fat, and a bit of starch tend to have less bodyfat, better control over their blood sugar, and low incidences of depression.

Your daily habit will consist of choosing your own breakfast. You’re free to make up your own, but here are some examples. The only “rule” is that we want to have a small starch on workout days. It would look like this:

NON Workout Days

1 cup of Greek Yogurt + Small handful of walnuts or cashews

2 eggs + 2-3 egg whites + Diced spinach/tomato and shredded cheese

1 cup cottage cheese + sliced peaches + dash of olive oil

Workout Days

1 cup Greek yogurt + 1-2 slices whole grain toast and peanut butter

2 eggs + 2 egg whites + diced tomato/spinach+ oatmeal/raisins

1 chicken sausage + small sweet potato with butter

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