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Goal: Slight Weight Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals


As of right now, making sure you get good sleep can have the most impact on your fitness.

Sleep helps restore our hormonal balance. A lack of sleep – or restless sleep- is perceived as a stress to the body. Too much stress, and things like fat burning and strength take a backseat.

Our body starts releasing our “go to bed” hormones between 8-9 pm. You don’t have to go to bed that early, but having a consistent bedtime, keeping the temperature in your bedroom cool, and minimizing your exposure to bright light can all help promote deep, restful sleep.

Here’s your daily habit starting September 8, 2020:

Hey ID! A small step that we can take is slowly bumping up your fiber intake. Based on the foods below, it’s something that will improve your health without requiring a lot of time.

Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy, allows you to feel full between meals, and since you’ll be eating whole foods, you’ll also provide your body with more vitamins and minerals.

Your job is to consume a small serving of fiber dense foods each day. You can pick any of the food from the list below and you can eat them at anytime during the day. It’s also your choice whether you want to eat this with a meal or have it as a snack.

Here are some of your choices….

-Small cupped hand of peas (fresh, frozen, canned)

-Small cupped hand of beans (any kind, canned or fresh)


-2 slices of sprouted bread

-3-4 Figs

-6-8 Dates

At the end of the week, simply check off the days you did your habit on your client page. High adherence leads to a higher turnaround in habits we can practice.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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