Client: Iron Man

Goal: Weight Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals

In order to achieve solid body composition- a low bodyfat with a reasonable level of muscle mass -you’ll need to focus on these major things each and everyday. Being 90% on point with these things alone will get you close to where you want to be.

This isn’t the end all, be all, but consider the following list the “essentials” to getting in good shape.

  1.  Sleep! In a perfect world we’d want 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep gives our repair hormones time to work while managing our stress hormones. Practicing good sleep hygiene (keeping a bed time, avoiding bright lights, staying off your phone at night) is a must.

Here’s your daily habit starting May 16, 2022:

Your first habit is to consume two (2) pieces of fruit per day. You can have them with a meal or as a snack. Have the fruit per raw, frozen (like in a smoothie), or dried fruit.

If you choose to eat dried fruit, make sure you don’t eat anything that has added sugars to it (you’ll have to read the label). Just make sure the fruit are different from each other.

Your Most Recent Workouts

Mode Time Recovery Time Rounds
 Run 60 sec Jog 60 sec x 9
Movement Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A. Side Step Up 20lbs 3 35 30 sec
B. 1 Arm DB Row 50lbs 3 35 30 sec
C. Inc DB Pro Press 30lbs 3 35 30 sec
Workout B
A. DB Front Raise 20lbs 3 35 30 sec
B. DB Lateral Raise 20lbs 3 35 30 sec
C. DB Overhead Extension 25 lbs 3 35 30 sec
D. DB Hammer Curl 30lbs 3 35 30 sec

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