Client: Lethal Weapon

Goal: Fat Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals


Achieving optimal body composition will require a two prong approach: curbing the snacking and getting adequate sleep. It’s not going to happen overnight, but these things can help…

  1. Start assembling a “bedtime routine.” That means planning to go to bed between 10-11pm, minimizing the light you expose yourself to, and avoiding late night TV.
  2. It may help to decide what snack foods you can live without….and those you’re not ready to give up on. I wouldn’t snack out of a bag but rather dump the food you want in a small bowl to minimize portion sizes.

Here’s your daily habit starting September 21, 2020:

Hey JM! Let’s move on to your next habit.

One thing that can cause frequent snacking is a nutrient deficiency. When we’re lacking in calories, vitamins, and minerals, our body is attracted to things that are sweet and salty as a quick fix.

We can curb that by exposing the body to different foods. Your next daily habit is to get three different servings of vegetables per day. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner you need to have a fistful serving of veggies, but here’s the kicker: each vegetable has to be a different color. So you can’t just rely on greens each time. At the end of the day, you should have had three servings that were each a different color.

As a quick reference, here are same samples: carrots (orange), red (tomato), broccoli (green), white (cauliflower), purple (eggplant), and yellow (peppers).

Remember to track your habit at the end of the week (your adherence last time was 2.4%).

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5-6 mph 1% 1:00 x 2
3.5 mph 4% 3:00 x 2
5 -6 mph 1% 1:30 x 2
3.5 mph 4% 3:00 x 2
5-6 mph 1% 2:00 x 2


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