Client: Maize and Blue

Goal: Weight Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals

  1. Even slight dehydration – we’re talking 1-2% here – can affect strength and endurance. Of course, our water intake can play a role in weight loss as well so proper hydration is important. As a bare minimum, you’re going to want 80 ounces a day (or about 4 bottles). Should you become more active,that number can increase up to 100 ounces.

Here’s your daily habit starting April 12, 2021:

This time around we want look at getting some essential fats.

Hemp oil is a versatile food: it contains different types of fat – SDA, GLA – that can do a ton of cool things in the body. Two of them are helping in regulate appetite and lipolysis (the breakdown of bodyfat).

Your habit is to consume one tablespoon a day of hemp oil (unrefined, cold pressed) by an means necessary. Consume it by itself, in a smoothie, or as a salad dressing.

Your Most Recent Workouts

Speed/Incline Time Recovery Time Rounds
3.0/1.5% 2:00 N/A N/A x1
3.5/4% 4:00 N/A N/A x1
3.0/1.5% 2:00 N/A N/A x1
3.5/6% 4:00 N/A N/A x1
3.0/1.5% 2:00 N/A N/A x1
3.5/8% 4:00 N/A N/A x1
3.0/1.5% 2:00 N/A N/A x1
Movement Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A. Leg Curl 6RM 5 4-6 N/A 35sec
B. DB RDL 6RM 5 4-6 N/A 35 sec
C. Dec DB Press 6RM 5 4-6 N/A 35 sec
D. Seated DB Lateral Raise 10RM 4 8-10 N/A 35 sec
E. Rope Pressdown 10RM 4 8-10 N/A 35 sec

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