Client: MK

Goal: Fat Loss

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals


Probably the two things that will have the most impact on your fitness are good sleep and consistent movement. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of each:

  1. Sleeps help restore balances to our hormones. Once hormones get out of whack, things like fat burning and strength take a backseat. Research tells us that our body starts producing our “go to bed” hormones between 8-9 pm. While you don’t have to go to bed that early, constantly staying up late can cause long term problems. Having a consistent bedtime, keeping the temperature in your bedroom cool, and minimizing your exposure to light at night can help the body get peaceful rest.
  2. If you have to sit a lot for work, regular movement is vital to keeping the hips loose and burning some extra calories. Taking brief walks can help but even just setting a timer for every twenty minutes while you work to take a break and knock out some stretches can go a long way to keeping the body healthy.

Here’s your daily habit starting August 30, 2020:

As we discussed, having breakfast is key to keeping an active metabolism. Going 10-15 hours between dinner and breakfast is a long time for the metabolism to not have to punch the clock and go to work.

Having breakfast is like warming up your car on a cold winter morning. But not everyone has an appetite when they wake up.

So your daily habit is to start your day with a piece of fruit – think of something kind of calorie dense. Figs, dates, grapes, kiwi, and raisins are a great place to start. Over time, these may help spark more of an appetite to where you can build a solid-whole food breakfast.

At the end of the week, please check off the days you did your habit and click the submit button; this will record your adherence and determine if we can add in more habits.

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