Client: Ms Gamer

Goal: Body Comp

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals

  1. When it comes to body composition, protein rules. A general rule of thumb is one gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight. That might be a stretch, and not something you want to start doing overnight. But a palm size portion of tempeh and tofu is a good start along with a scoop of pea or hemp protein. You’d want 3-4 servings of these proteins each day.

Here’s your daily habit starting October 1, 2021:

We have two habits to focus on: workout recovery and Omega-3 intake.

Not eating after a workout is a big no-no. You just stressed your body; so a meal consisting of protein and carbohydrates after a tough session restores your body back to normal. Your habit is to consumed 1/3 cup of maltodextrin after a workout – this obviously needs to be consumed with a protein powder.

Secondly, we want to make sure you’re getting enough Omega -3 fats. Your habit is to consume 2 teaspoons of algae oil per day. However you get them in is up to you – whether you consume it raw, mix it in a smoothie, or make a dressing with it.

Your Most Recent Workouts

Speed Incline Time Rounds
5.0-6.0mph 1.5% 2:00 x1
5.0-6  mph 3.0% 3:00 x1
5.0-6.0 mph 1.5% 2:00 x1
4.5-5.5 mph 5% 3:00 x1
5.0-6.0 mph 1.5% 2:00 x1
4.5-5.5 mph 7% 3:00 x1
5.0-6.0 mph 1.5% 2:00 x1
4.5-5.5 mph 9% 3:00 x1


Movement Load Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes

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