Client: Social Butterfly

Goal: Corrective Exercise

Major Factors to Reach Your Goals


Right now, it’s all about SENSIBLE movement. Very slowly, simply push yourself to do a tad more than you did the previous day – but this has to be done in baby steps (I know that’s a cliche but it applies).

So if you took the stairs twice yesterday, take them one more time today. Held a stretch for 20 seconds? Hold it for 25. Just focus on doing a little extra and that will build up over time.

Here’s your daily habit starting October 5, 2020:

One of the best ways to curb snacking and bad food choices is to prevent nutrient deficiencies. In times of hunger, the body immediately looks to things that are sweet and salty as a quick fix. The body’s first priority is to not starve at any cost, so this is where people can make bad food choices.

The more fruit we eat, the more nutrients the body has in store. This may prevent snacking.

Your habit is to have three different sources of fruit, with each meal, everyday. You can choose any fruit you want but can’t repeat the same fruit (so bananas for breakfast AND lunch does not count).

While you can pick whatever you want, things like raisins, kiwi, dates, and grapes work well in the morning. Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc) work great in salads in case you have one for dinner.

Your adherence rate with the peas (don’t forget to keep doing that) was 16%, so let’s see what kind of damage you can do with this habit.


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