Client Tip: Sticking with Exercise

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Sticking with exercise has to be the biggest roadblock people face when it comes to getting in shape. Here’s the tough pill to swallow: it has less to do with how much free time you have and more about your attitude.

Change is tough. Some people handle it better than others. One way to assess someone’s readiness for change is to play detective and listen to the language they use when they talk shop (exercise, food, etc). Those words shed some light on your attitude towards making a serious impact.

Make no mistake: your commitment level is more important than any diet or routine you can get your hands on.

That’s where the magic happens. Assess your commitment level and you’ll be able to pinpoint your results. That language I referenced earlier? I’m not talking about if a client has a potty mouth. I’m looking for words that give me an indication of where someone’s at when it comes to their mental game.

Words like:

I hope, I wish, It would be nice to…

Tell me this person isn’t ready to hit things hard, i.e. low commitment

I’ll try, I want, I’ll attempt….

This is one foot in, one foot out.

I will, I promise…

Normally talk like this is followed by the client putting forth a strong effort to change.

I say this because action is predicated on the language you use. It’s sort of a “you are what you think” kind of thing. Low commitment language means the ball isn’t going to get rolling; action is unlikely, and with no action, we can’t see change.

In a nutshell, talking with strong words = action = changes.

Of course, commitment levels fluctuate. You’re human after all. So nothing is set in stone. I will say this though: I’ve never seen anyone use language that indicates a low desire and still make any sort of huge impact. As the saying goes, “be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening.”

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