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It’s amazing how things can become popular over time. Ask an old time bodybuilder about protein powders, and they’ll tell you what a struggle it was to find a jug. The stuff also didn’t taste all that great (plug your nose and gulp). But when you jump forward to modern times, you could literally take a swim in all the protein powder available. Supplement stores, grocery stores, and even gas stations are all carrying protein supplements.

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So what should you do with all these options? For the most part, you want to stick with whey or casein proteins. In terms of keeping the discussion simple, whey is a by-product of cheese formation and casein is milk protein. So you’re probably asking yourself what the difference is. Without getting into a long physiology lesson, whey protein is going to be absorbed faster. Caesin will probably sit in your gut a bit longer and is slower digesting, making it a great protein if you plan on being on the road for a while or won’t be able to eat in the next three to five hours.

With that being said, you never have to think about absolutes and choose only one. If you really want to make things interesting, you can actually combine the two. Wait a minute – I thought whey protein powder was the best? It’s certainly a great source,but when combining it with casein protein, it provides a one -two punch of a fast digesting protein along with a steady flow of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) in your bloodstream. This dynamic duo gives you the chance to build a bit more muscle than using whey by itself.

A research study combining the two forms of protein show this. A group of subjects used a combination of whey and casein protein (compared to a group using just whey and a mix of amino acids) for 10 weeks. Over the course of the ten weeks, the subjects on the protein combo built a bit more muscle and dropped more bodyfat than the whey group (1). It’s theorized that the whey protein goes to work right away while the casein protein works for hours later when your metabolism is still elevated.

Pretty cool, huh? All you really need to do is buy a small jug of each and fill that scoop to the halfway point to reap the benefits. Split your normal whey protein in half between the two sources and enjoy the gains.

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