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I was once at a workshop doing a seminar for a computer programming company. After everything was said and done, people began to disperse and I packed up for the day. Of course, when you’re done public speaking all you can think about is what a goof you probably just made of yourself. I had to put my worries aside though because it wasn’t long after I finished speaking that I was approached by a young woman who sat far in the back while I spoke.

She was holding a magazine across her chest, almost as if she was hiding it from me. I asked how I could help her and she hesitated a bit, and then quickly whipped the magazine around to show me the cover. It was a magazine with a fitness model on the cover. She was holding a small dumbbell that must have weighed about as much as a paper clip, along with promoting the best fitness model workout inside the magazine. The cover promised six pack abs, tight arms, and other things that I shouldn’t mention on this family friendly blog.

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“How do I get to look like this?” is what she finally asked me. Talk about cutting to the chase. I paused for a second and then gave a polite smile, put my stuff down on a table and got comfortable…this was going to take awhile.

This may blow your socks off, but the fitness industry is a business, and businesses are meant to make money. The industry can also be quite misleading. This has never been truer when it comes to sales. The use of lean fitness models has been used for decades to entice us to buy a pill, magazines, or a workout DVD. It’s okay to get inspired to workout, but don’t get too caught up in the hype.

Actors, fitness models, and bodybuilders all train for what we call a moment in time. This means that the person trained specifically to be in peak shape for a photo shoot or appearance. Chances are pretty good that they looked different 1 or 2 days before having their photo taken…..and then they looked different once again the next day. This happens because you can use certain methods to make some pretty substantial changes in your physique.

Bodybuilders are instructed on ways to use oils, tanning lotions, lighting, and even water manipulation to make quick changes in their body. These changes allow you to see muscles more clearly and give the appearance of a lean individual. Your body is well over 60% water, so you can use water manipulation strategies to even shed 10 to 20 pounds of water weight in only a couple of days (1). The trade off is that you have to make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to eating certain foods, your salt intake, and how much water you drink. It’s not fun and I do have to tip my hat for the discipline that it takes, but following the published workout isn’t going to make you look like that cover model.

One day, you have to resume a normal regimen because your results are only temporary. Your best bet is to follow a whole food diet, strength train to enhance your metabolic rate, and perform some intervals to promote fat loss. You may not have tanning lotions and a lighting set but you’ll get pretty close to cover model ready. Best of all, you’ll be in shape year round – not just for a moment in time.


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