Does Healthy Restaurant Food Exist?

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If you’re going out to eat, make sure to go out and enjoy yourself. There’s nothing worse than eating with someone who looks over the menu with a microscope and trying to select all the dishes that are under 100 calories. Eating out at restaurant is considered a “cheat meal” for hardcore dieters and should just be considered an enjoyable meal by everyone else.

Here’s why calorie counting at a restaurant is pointless: restaurants don’t use high quality food. If they do, then that tends to cause the price to go up, because quality food is expensive. Even if you get the ever popular “grilled chicken ceasar salad with a diet coke” chances are the food is on the rock bottom of the quality scale. The chicken breast is bought in bulk and may even be loaded with hormones; the salad is void of any nutrients (notice how most salads are loaded with iceberg lettuce) and the dressing has received a full hazing of hydrogenated oils and refined sugars. I’m not saying don’t go out to eat; but rather, I’m saying don’t go out to eat and expect to eat healthy. Staying under your “calorie point total” is relatively useless if the food is of low standards.

How many people go to a restaurant and order a steak? If you said very few, then you guessed right. That’s because steaks are expensive and restaurants are going to make sure that their bottom line is covered. Furthermore most restaurant food is very carbohydrate heavy; so of course you get an endless order of bread, rice and pasta. It’s much easier to fill up on those than it is a filet or strip steak. Even if you order a hamburger, 93% of it ends up being bun and a pickle. Once again, the restaurant’s main priority is making money, and carbohydrates are certainly less expensive to buy than meat products.

So in the end, when you decide to go out to eat, leave the calorie calculator at home and treat yourself to some food and hopefully, some good company. You can get back to your strict diet for the rest of the day.


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