The Problems with Healthy Take Out Food

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Counting calories is pretty much a waste of time. Unless you’re a bodybuilder focused on stepping on stage, you have better things to do with your time. As I always try to teach my clients, losing weight is all about getting your hormones under control, not punching away at a calculator with each meal you eat.

This issue of calorie counting has carried over into restaurants. More and more people are looking for healthy take out foods. Focusing on the calorie total of a meal is the last thing I’m thinking about when I go out to eat. Some wonder if there really are any healthy take out options. For those on the go who constantly live out of a takeout box, here are a few things to consider before you make that next lunch date:

Cheap Ingredients

Restaurants are a business, and businesses are meant to make money. That means saving money by using cheap ingredients. So while the calories of your favorite takeout may be low, your body is being exposed to a bunch of refined carbohydrates and meats loaded with hormones and antibiotics. As a rule of thumb, never focus on the quantity of your food in place of the quality.

Where’s the Beef

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Meals on the go are loaded with breads and carbohydrates; this is because of the low cost involved. Proteins are costly, so that’s why you can barely see that thin slice of meat packed between two gigantic pieces of bread in a sandwich. This lack of protein means that your body can have massive releases of insulin. In turn, your pancreas can experience burnout, you get frequent blood sugar crashes, and your body goes into fat storage mode.

Cutting out the Fat Makes You Fat

Many companies know that people are fat phobic, so they’ll dramatically cut the fat out of their food. Besides bland taste, the lack of fat means that processed sweeteners or sugars are added to your food. This exposure to simple sugars means even more insulin problems and more fat being stored.

Portion Sizes

Not only are portion sizes too big, but they’re also disproportionate. Too many carbohydrates with too little fat and protein make an incomplete meal. Not to mention that fiber may be missing from the meal as well.

The take home message: the best healthy take out food may not exist. Save eating out for a weekend with the family or some friends. Eating out should be an enjoyable experience where you’re not worried about calories. Consider it a treat for your hard work of eating lean, mean, and clean.


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