Holiday Season Weight Loss: 5 Tips

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The holiday season really slams down on the gas pedal on this thing called life. But this doesn’t mean that your weight loss hopes have to slow down. In fact, you may find that you can get really fit this time of the year. Two years ago Liz showed us that you can lose weight during the holiday season, as she dropped five pounds over the four weeks of Christmas and New Year’s.

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But not everyone is aware of how to do this. Being a personal trainer means showing clients some simple methods that can ensure you keep working towards your six pack during gift giving, visiting Santa, and being a little bad at your holiday work party. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – so here are five tips for your holiday season weight loss.

  1. Wake up early. I know, I know. The cold weather and the snowflakes outside really adds to the temptation of sleeping in. But you have parties to attend and shopping to knock out. Waking up twenty to thirty minutes means you still have time to get a workout in while attending to all your seasonal duties. All things considered we’re really only talking about several mornings out of the month. Try working out first thing in the morning and the mall won’t feel so crazy later that day.
  2. Crank up your workouts. Actually, this may be the time to get more work done. In the training world, fitness trainers refer to the work you do as “volume.” So running six miles a day contributes to your weekly training volume; doing 6 sets of squats is more volume than 2. Maybe you have some time off of work to sleep in and recover from exercise. In the training world, a brief jump in your volume is called super-compensation. This jump in extra work paired with your recovery forces your body to adjust by adding more muscle and losing fat. Just make sure to do this extra work for 2-3 weeks.
  3. Chew slow. It takes twenty minutes for your stomach to tell your brain to stop reaching into that bag of doritos. If you have a slew of holiday parties, remember to take your time and really break your food down with lots of chewing. This can allow you to still enjoy your food without over indulging.
  4. Use Preloads. A preload is when you eat or drink something small before a larger meal. Before you sit down at Aunt May’s for Christmas Eve dinner, you treat yourself to a small garden salad, half a grapefruit, or even a large bottle of water. This preload fills you up and prevents overeating.
  5. Try Something New. Fat loss is all about being inefficient. This means that you select new – but still smart- exercise choices every few weeks. You do this because your body starts to adapt to the exercise you’re doing and burns less energy. The best runner in the world will feel wiped out from swimming a few laps in the pool. If you’ve been hitting the pavement a lot, then try swinging a kettlebell. If you workout on your own, consider hiring a personal trainer for a month to learn new movements.

Yes – the holiday season is tough on all of us. But you shouldn’t let your fitness suffer because of it. Plan ahead, be proactive, and you’ll have a new body to ring in the New Year.


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