How the UEFP Process Gets You in Great Shape

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                Upper Echelon is proud to be one of the few private personal trainers serving the Metro-Detroit area in Michigan. We take training seriously and pride ourselves on being a professional personal trainer. It’s the aspect of being a professional that we feel continues to separate us – our clients are giving us their time and money to try and improve aspects of their personal lives – and that’s pretty heavy stuff. That’s why we call our clients the company’s “Department of Awesome.”

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Besides the education that we possess in exercise science, we also have 10 years in the personal training industry. Those 10 years represent some pretty serious data on what works with people trying to get in shape in the real world. By real world, we mean people trying to juggle work, family, social obligations, and everything else we have to deal with while trying to get fit. It’s not easy but at UEFP we’ve developed a process that we feels makes getting in shape a lot of fun. Here’s how:

  1. Meet and Greet – The first process is a consultation. Your readiness for change determines how aggressive we can be with the approach-and everyone’s different. We also need to see if we’ll be a good fit with each other; i.e. are you working with a personal trainer that you feel like you can trust?
  2. Testing 1,2,3 – We need to run you through a gauntlet of tests. It sounds intimidating but it shouldn’t – our concern isn’t about how well you do, but what we need to implement to make you better. If you’re still worried, you can rest assured that our private studio means you get to perform all this testing in solitude.
  3. Let’s Train– Training is the easy part! All you need to do is show up and we take care of everything. We write out your program based off of your testing but we make sure week to week that there are slight variances in what you’re doing. It’s a win-win because you’re making your workouts more challenging while not getting bored.
  4. Coaching 101– Training, testing, nutrition – it can all get a bit overwhelming. You have obstacles in life that are going to constantly pop up, so the coaching is required to help make sure you stay on point. We shoot for our clients to lose between .5 to 2 pounds a week (this varies based on a lot of factors) while our performance athletes are constantly measured on strength and power. But ,ost importantly, we want to make sure that the process is as stress free as possible (we can’t guarantee it, but we’ll try).
  5. Outcome Based Decision Making- We track everything we do with our clients. Every two weeks we make a decision – if what we’re doing is working, we keep going. If it’s not, we make small changes. Simple as that.

Want to get in shape? Than we strongly suggest that you look for a professional personal trainer. UEFP will like to put ourselves up the test of professionalism.

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