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If you want to be explosive and athletic, look no further than the box jump. I see videos all the time of people trying to set PR’s in the Big 3 lifts, but rarely do I see someone showing off an impressive jump. Which is a shame, because box jumps are a great way to display explosive power.

A lot of clients come to me to change their body, and a few come to get stronger (or become a better athlete). But on one has ever said “I want more power!” Power is what defines a great athlete: it’s simply work divided by time. If you can perform work faster than me, than you’re a more powerful human being.

There are quite a few ways to become powerful, but jumping is king. And you can’t go wrong with the box jump. 

Before you start jumping, you need to consider a few things. For one, you should have a decent level of strength before you jump on a box. Now, Russian strength manuals will claim that you need to be able to squat three times your body weight in order to box jump. Other strength coaches head’s would explode at the thought of your feet ever leaving the ground without first having an 800 pound back squat.

I’m sure though that you had a childhood and as a child, you jumped occasionally. Maybe for a rebound on the basketball court. Or that one time you were in fifth grade and you jumped over your bike trying to impress a girl (that’s my story….and no, she wasn’t impressed). My point is that at some time, your feet left the ground and the universe didn’t implode (again, there are some coaches out there that take jumping very seriously).

My point is that you should be familiar with things like a front squat and a sumo deadlift before you box jump. If you’re aware of those moves, then chances are you have a decent level of strength that will actually allow you to jump. After all, strength is the one quality that is essential for all others: you’re not going to run very fast if you can’t push off the ground. No sense jumping if you’re weak.

Secondly, consider the other aspect of jumping, which is the landing. So many clients get excited at the thought of jumping around, that they forget that they have to stick the landing as well. This is where people can easily hurt themselves.

So with all that said, this video can help. Check it out, enjoy the content and start jumping!

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