How To Eat for Muscle Mass

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Yes, you need to workout to gain muscle mass. But eating enough is probably the biggest issue you’ll face.

For guys trying to add mass, there’s usually three hurdles:

1. Spending too much time on useless crap

2. Ignoring the important stuff (squats, chins, dips) because of all the useless crap

3. Not eating enough

I could go on and on about issues 1 and 2 but this post will stick with the last problem.

I know, I know – every guy swears they eat like a gorilla. But quality calories are lacking in the everyday routine of most trainees – otherwise they’d be growing. While most think that pounding a pizza occasionally brings in a calorie surplus, it hardly makes up for a lack of consistency in the kitchen, week in and week out. Of course, slamming Big Mac’s everyday isn’t the solution either: the only thing you’ll build by doing that is your gut.

What are you to do then? The solution lies in old school math. That’s right: the path to packing on muscle mass begins with addition, multiplication and even some division. Better dust off the old TI-85 and get to work (admittedly, I just outed myself as an old man. If you’re under 30 you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about).

We do this to breakdown our macronutrients: which are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You need all three to add muscle; these are the raw materials that get the job done-assuming you’re putting the work in. Workout all you want but if you’re not giving the body a calorie surplus, your body is not going to change.

While using this math gives you a blueprint, here’s some bad news: eating for muscle mass is not fun. It’s almost labor intensive: don’t be surprised if you’re literally in the kitchen making your next meal as you’re still trying to shovel some rice in your mouth from the prior meal. I’ll touch upon this in the video.

 Good luck in your quest to get jacked – remember though that the muscles in your mouth will probably be working harder than the ones in your arms.

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