Is Fasting a Sensible Way to Lose Weight?

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Most fads come and go; but fasting seems to be here to stay. It’s a shame because many don’t understand the dangers of improper fasting.  I will bend on the issue that sensible fasting may work if done properly, but I never recommend it to my clients. However, regardless of how often I argue my points, people still want to try fasting to lose weight.

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As some have found out, fasting will work – for a while. Issues will arise when one of two things happen: either you fast too long and your metabolism slows down, or you’ll have to succumb to the lack of food and end up binging. The binge always leads to massive problems because it occurs after your metabolism has hit ground zero.

Fasting will give your digestive system a breather, along with a shredding a couple of pounds for those looking for instant weight loss. Unfortunately, most people fail to understand that this weight loss is primarily water weight – losing fat requires a metabolic trigger from exercise and a proper diet. Simply skipping meals does not provide that response.

In the long run, fasting can provide plenty of damage.  You’re basically inducing a stressor because your hormones and muscle mass rely on food to kickstart certain metabolic responses. Regardless of your lifestyle choices, your body needs fuel and it will get that energy from wherever it needs: whether it would be body fat, blood sugar, or your own muscle mass. Breaking down muscle is a great way to induce fatigue, lower your energy levels, and decrease your metabolic rate.

Keep in mind that if you’re eating whole foods, taking in a lot of veggies, and eating dinner at a sensible time then your digestive system receives the break that it needs. Fasting is a very aggressive lifestyle choice, and if your sole reason for doing it is to lose weight, then there are other, more sensible methods to do it. Stay tuned to the blog as we’ll be talking about other similar diet topic in intermittent fasting.


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