Is There a Best Form of Exercise?

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                 Thinking in absolutes is a sure way to get in trouble. Well, at least get stuck in stagnation. When it comes to training, if you always think in terms of black and white, you’re results will run into a brick-wall. There’s a saying in the training world: everything works just not forever.

Of course, I’m referring to the best forms of exercise that people are always looking for. In our instant gratification society, we want to know what works and what doesn’t. Most of the time, we want to know the best forms of exercise for weight loss. This notion usually comes from our social circles; if we have a friend that’s “healthier” or “fitter” than us, we become attached to our friend’s habit of choice as the best form of exercise. After all, if it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for you?

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This is a poor choice to begin a training program. For one, your friend may not be in as good shape as you think. Don’t associate skinny with fit; and unless you can drag your friend into the lab and test them on parameters of performance (strength, power, endurance, etc) then relying on your naked eye as to who is in shape is clearly a flawed process.

I once trained a martial arts studio where one of the instructors claimed that all you need to get in shape was to do squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks in the morning. I also use to get a lot of clients who would tell me how to train them, based on what their friend was doing and how fit their friend was. In searching for the most effective weight loss workout, we’re simply doing a Q and A with all your acquaintances to try and find a magic bullet.

There is no best form of exercise.  If you’re truly serious about getting in shape, then you’re going to come across a wide variety of different forms of training. In fact, you’ll have no choice but to start looking at what you do as a mechanical process. You’ll have to experiment with high reps, low reps, circuit training – the list goes on and on. The key to finding the best form of exercise is to simply not let the body adapt for too long.

For example, if you wanted to enhance muscle mass, then you would focus on higher rep ranges and compound movements. Need to recover from your training because you’re sore? Then try a yoga session. It’s not that yoga is better than weight training, it’s just that both are tools in your arsenal to achieving your goals.  Keep plenty of tools in your toolbox and you’ll get in great shape.


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